Mac Mini cannot access


Requesting some help please.

I use a Mac Mini to burn and backup CDs and then transfer to my Roon Nucleus SS drive for listening. For some reason Chrome and Safari on my MacMini are unable to reach the https://kb.roonlabs site/Nucleus_Internal_Storage site. Chrome stops me from entering the site telling me that “Your connection is not private - Attackers might be trying to steal your data” etc.

Please see screen shot:

It must be one of the MacMini Security settings but everything looks normal to me. Also, I have no trouble getting to the Roon site above from my MacBook Pro. So that also points to a setting in my MacMini.

Any ideas for resolving this would be much appreciated.

Try this:

Thanks, been trying to check through the link but haven’t yet resolved the issue. However, I have discovered a temporary work around. I am going to keep looking.

The suggestions on the this page might help.

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