Mac Mini Core - How to Downgrade to Legacy

I am having similar problems. Core running on MacMini (OS 10.13.6 which cannot be upgraded). Using Trinnov Roon Ready for DAC.

Opened my Win 10 Pro laptop Remote over the weekend and received an upgrade recommendation from Roon. Several of your devices need to be updated. No warning about the “internet issue.”

Selected the option to update all.

My Laptop Remote upgraded to 2.0 but my Core which is running on an older MacMini remained at Legacy 1.8. The MacMini cannot be upgrade to 2.0 because the MacMini is older and running 10.13.6 OS and cannot be upgraded to a newer version of the OS. Suspect i will have to by new core hardware.

However, after the upgrades, I am unable to access the Roon Remote app on my PC. I’m getting the following message:
“Roon is trying to connect but your Core and Remote are running different versions.”

When i open the Roon Core software is shows 2.0 on the Remote and 1.8 Legacy on the Core and says everything is up to date. Yet the remote refuses to work because it has 2.0 and the Core has 1.8.

I’ve seen directions for rolling back the core to 1.8 but my core is already running 1.8. Do i need to roll back my remote to 1.8 from 2.0? If so, how do I do that?


Hi @David_Golden ,

Apologies for the slow response here.

Yes, you would need to have both Core and Remote on the same version. For iOS/Android Roon Remotes, this is called “Legacy Roon” in the app store, and on Windows/MacOS remotes you can install the Legacy version from our FAQ downloads link:

Download Links for Roon Core 1.8 (Legacy):

MacOS All-in-one / MacOS Remote

MacOS RoonServer

Windows All-in-one / Windows Remote (x64)
Windows All-in-one / Windows Remote (x32)

Windows RoonServer (x64)
Windows RoonServer (x32)

Linux RoonServer Install Script (Instructions)
ASUSTOR RoonServer (Instructions)
QNAP RoonServer (Instructions)
Synology (DSM7) (Instructions)
Synology (DSM6) (Instructions)

I eventually figured this out but it wasn’t clear that downloading the legacy core software onto my remote and installing it as a remote was the proper step. Would have been helpful if Roon specifically recommended the legacy core software to roll back a v2 remote to a legacy remote.


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