Mac Mini core: virtual machine HDMI access?

Hey All, maybe a silly Q: but, if I were to spin up an older Mac Mini as my core, would a Linux virtual machine have the necessary access to the HDMI port for the purpose of multi-channel output? I’d like to connect my core directly to my AVR as the primary zone.

The reason I’m considering a VM is that I’d also like the possibility of using the same computer as a home automation server, and possible another background process or two (or even just hosting some Roon extensions). Or would I be better off just running the OS X native software for whatever I put on the machine?

Maybe better to look for a Linux distribution to replace the outdated macOS completely. Can serve both purposes, Roon and home automation, while not posing a security risk.

@ZachB way too complicated, why not just use the macOS server app?

@Bernd_Kurte eh? What’s outdated about macOS?

Oh, maybe I got this wrong. I assumed this mini was on a discontinued version. As in ‘older Mac mini’.

@Bernd_Kurte I have been considering an older discontinued mini, but one that would run latest OS. I have also considered a NUC/Linux route (not ROCK though, as I do want to use a single machine for multiple services)

@mikeb I’ve thought about natively running the server app. But I’ve also seen some preferences on the forum here of ‘isolating’ different services with VMs to make it easier to maintain them without interrupting others running on the same machine. Not sure how relevant that would be if it’s just 2 or 3 services including roon

Roon runs perfectly fine inside a Docker/Podman container.