Mac Mini Crashing When Attempting to Play 44.1Khz Files

I have been experiencing the an issues with a system running an Apple Mac Mini connected USB to a Playback Design USB-XIII box at a client’s home. The music is store on a Synology DS1515+ and on the Mac Mini. Roon works with DSD, 24/192, 24/176.4, 24/96, 24/88.2, 24/48 files and plays with no issues. As soon as a 16/44.1 file is attempted to be played, the computer crashes and restarts.

To try to figure out what where the problem existed, I took a dCS Network Bridge to the client’s house and hooked up the network bridge with an AES cable to the Playback Designs MPS-5. The system worked with all file formats when not using the USB on the Mac Mini.

Hey @Matt_Chapman – is the Mac Mini running as the Core? Are you also controlling Roon via the Mac Mini, or are there other remotes involved?

In any event, could you get me and @support some logs? Instructions are here – thanks, and sorry for the trouble!

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Hello @mike
I have a .zip file of the logs from the clients computer. Can I put the dropbox link into this conversation or can I email you the link?

Thank you,

Hello @mike do i drop the link for the customer’s log files here or do I do it through a more private route?

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