Mac Mini "error checking for an update" (1.6)

I found what appears to be the backups (the new system says backup not setup.)

and it has A file called Roon backup root and another with a name 56%20PM|690x299

@Pluto - Yes select that folder and take a look at the backups, when is the most recent one? The Roon_old is not a proper backup, it’s just your database set aside and you can’t re-import it as-is into 1.6, so it would be better to use that proper backups folder and point Roon 1.6 to the most recent backup.

– Noris

Is XX the latest?

Press “Select this Folder” and then it will give you a listing of the dates the backup was made at.

I got it. That’s two days ago. I worked on the database for many many hours since then.

Why can’t I go back to 1.5, do a backup, then come back to 1.6?

@Pluto - You can but you’ll need to rename the folders again. This is how you do that:

  • Exit out of Roon
  • Go back to your database location
  • Rename the current “Roon” folder to something like “Roon1.6”
  • Rename “Roon_old” back to “Roon”
  • Launch Roon (1.5)
  • Create the backup
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Rename “Roon” back to “Roon_old”
  • Rename “Roon1.6” back to “Roon”
  • Launch Roon 1.6
  • Restore your backup

– Noris

Thx. I’ll definitely try that. Probably tomorrow. Thanks very much for your support. Too bad we miscommunicated about the backup. Oh well. Could be worse.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Ciao.

OK, I did that, but it says I have 1.6 installed. It appears as if the 1.5 version is gone and I have two copies of 1.6.

How do I get back to 1.5?

Hi @Pluto – unfortunately we don’t support downgrading.

I’d recommend you just restore the most recent backup and go from there, if Roon 1.6 is now working properly.


Same problem with original 1.6 drop. It downloads but gives error upon install.

Hi @Pluto,

Thanks for contacting us again regarding this issue. When we last spoke, you were able to install 1.6 successfully but Roon 1.6 did not contain your most recent edits because the edits were made after your most recent backup. Have you been able to restore from your last working backup on Roon 1.6 from Jan 21st as previously suggested?


I had to reload some disks. Other than a goodly number that didn’t show up from the Sooloos export I’m OK.

This time before doing anything I’ll back up.

I’d like to instal 401 but not sure how.

Hi @Pluto,

You can always install build 401 by going to Roon Settings -> About and seeing if there is an upload available or if that does not work then by using our manual download installer. What platform are you trying to install the new build on? What is the error message that you are presented with when trying to install the new build through Roon?


The error msg after ‘Downloading’ was:

There was an error checking for an update.

Mac mini 10.14.3

If I use the link you provided I get the main install page. Do I just reinstall the entire ''Roon" from the top as if it was my first install?

I didn’t notice anything on the entry that indicated it was Build 401.

Hi @Pluto,

Yes, you should reinstall the entire Roon from the link I provided. There is no indication that it is build 401 because our downloads page always contains the newest build of Roon. I would suggest that you make a backup of your current database before performing the manual install, be sure to read over the backup instructions closely ( before starting the new install.