Mac Mini external hard drive won't play since Apple update to Catalina

I updated my Mac Mini to Catalina today and now my external hard drive won’t plany any of my hi-Res music.

I can only play songs that are stored on my Mac mini.

Please help!

Hi Earl,

This is a known issue. Roon are actively working on a solution and hope to release a fix soon.

In the meantime, Roon have advised against using Terminal command workarounds as they will prevent the Roon database from working properly once a Catalina fix goes live.

Thanks so much for the heads up. I was actually trying for over 3 hours to get my external hard to play after the apple update. Thanks again!

Sorry another question .Do you think Roon will have a fix in a couple of weeks or should I buy a windows based system . As I have family members coming to visit soon and really want to show off my DSD Music sound.

Please advise.

Roon hasn’t given any more particular timeframe, because developing and testing runs in cycles as bugs and reversions are found and fixed.

Speaking personally, I would be surprised if a fix isn’t deployed within a couple of weeks.

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