Mac Mini HDMI to SONY Amp problem

ROON Core = Mac Mini 2012 16GB RAM 512GB SSD** as Roon Core 1.7 build 667

End point = Mac Mini Mac OS Big Sur 4GB RAM / 512GB HDD Dual Core i5

I am using an old mac mini as an endpoint to connect to a Sony DN1080 AV AMP via HDMI and the Amp is then connected to an Epson projector as a display. The only sound options shown on the mac are internal speakers/headphone and Epson PJ. I have fudged it for now by connecting via the headphone port on the mac to the analogue sound input (Red/White RCA’s on the Amp) but I really want the sound to the Amp via HDMI.

I have an Apple TV connected to the same AMP / Projector and it works fine.

I have searched but can’t find any solution. All ideas welcome.

I realise this is a Mac rather than a ROON Issue (the Roon bit all works fine)

I know that the mini as an endpoint is a bit underpowered but its just an endpoint. The main Mac has plenty of RAM / SSD as the core and works fine.

Hi @brennan_peyton,

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To use the Mac HDMI output, you have to enable the System Output or Built-in Output zone in Roon and then configure the HDMI output via your Mac’s Audio MIDI Setup. Let me know if this helps!

I solved it (sort of) the Mac restricts the audio quality as it sees the projector as an endpoint rather than splitting out via the amp. Thing is it works fine via an Xbox , Apple TV but there you go. In the end I bought a iFi Zen DAC which I connected via the USB with a bit of tweaking now got it playing MQA at max rates from Tidal via Roon and it sounds great. The Mac mini is an endpoint and is an old 2014 (non upgradeable one :confused:) with 4mb of RAM but it runs just fine. The Core is a 2012 Mac mini running 32mb of RAM and a 512gb SSD and manages that all fine as well. As a newcomer Roon did need a bit of a learning curve from a configuration point of view but with the Zen DAC its sounds amazing.

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Hi @brennan_peyton,

Thanks for letting us know you were able to resolve this issue and you now have a DAC suitable for your requirements! If you have any other questions or difficulties with Roon, please let us know!

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