Mac Mini M1 doesnt show most audio device

Roon Core Machine

Core is a under Ubuntu 21.10 kernel is 5.13.0-30-generic (machine is up to date)
CPU AMD Zen2 64 cores

Networking Gear & Setup Details

2 switches between the server and the various end points.
no change recently, it was working perfectly well yesterday for months.
Models are and one is a configured as a router the second one as a switch.

Connected Audio Devices

MacMini M1 12.2.1 (latest)
DAC is a RME UFX+ connected via Thunderbolt
It was also working perfectly well yesterday.

Number of Tracks in Library

45k tracks

Description of Issue

Roon is at 1.8 (build 913)
The end points do not see audio devices attached to the end point.
MacOS see the devices and I can use them with another player.

What I have done so far:

  • kill all roon core/endpoints and restarted them, usually it works but in this case no luck
  • network is working extremely well, low ping, high bandwidth, ports are open (i turned firewall off on server, client and router in order to debug).

Roon client is logging a lot on the Mac:
error 09:26:37.413975+0100 Roon CurrentVBLDelta returned 0 for display 1 – ignoring unreasonable value

Ideas would be great.

If you cannot see an audio device attached to a client PC, the first thing I’d check is if the client’s firewall or AV is blocking the cores discovery communication. Quickest way is to turn off them off and see if the device appears. If so, reengage them and add the different Roon services as exemptions, I.e. RAAT and Roon.

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Did you read my email?

Was this following any updates?
Like Roon build 913 for example?

@Rugby sorry I thought you were from the support team. I have checked the firewall already as explained in post 1.

@AceRimmer It was not working well (aka finding the device all the time) but after upgrade to 913 nothing works. No amount of rebooting helped either.

Hi Pierre,

I am sorry I missed that detail when I did my original read through. But, my basic comment still stands even if the most likely culprit, firewall, has been checked and eliminated.

The RoonServer discovers audio endpoints via communication with the RAAT protocol, which is multicast. If the server does not receive responses from the client then it does not build the client’s audio endpoints. So, my guess is that something is blocking the communication between the server and the Mac Mini which would allow the server to create the audio endpoints.

Some basics.

  1. Reboot the network as well as the Core and client
  2. Review the settings on the managed switch when it comes to multicast, IMGP, or flow control.
  3. On Windows PCs, especially ones built for gaming or audio production, such softwares have blocked audio endpoint creation. Not familiar with a MAC, but, check to see if you have other audio affecting software running in the background.
  4. Check the Server logs.

I am sure support will be along soon.

Hi Rugby,

thanks for the pointers.
multicast is activated and working
IGMP snooping is also activated

Server logs shows that from time to time the connection from the core to the client is blocked (port 9002) but that’s not consistent. I am wondering what the mac is doing.

I dropped the mac firewall and replace it with pf (another mac firewall) and now it is consistently working.

Thanks for the help!


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