Mac Mini Roon build 29 crash upon startup

This is not good. First startup after installation, says updating database then crashed out. Restart Roon, loaded up first page stay on for about a minute, crashed again.

This is a bad experience for me as a Mac user.

I’m running the core on a mac mini and had no problems. This is not much help I know, but suggests it might have had to do with your particular setup, but not something intrinsic to build 29.

You could be right. I may just restore my mac to original factory setting. And reinstall everything from start. Maybe I will just install Roon on it and make it a dedicated Roon core player.

Given your unfortunate crash ridden history with Roon, starting out on a freshly installed Mac may not be such a bad idea. While Roon has always behave quite well on my Macs, the last two builds have been 100% stable.

Out of interest: what Mac/config/OS are you running Roon on?

Mac Mini 2014, i5 2.6GHz, 8GB RAM, Yosemite 10.10.3

I have exactly the same issue. Roon crashes a couple minutes after startup 2 times out of 3.