Mac mini sound output sleeping

Hi All, My set up is Mac Mini with HDMI output into my Classe SSP-800 Pre.
I have the Mac Mini set to ‘never sleep’, and despite occasional blips where I need to restart it, this works fine. However, the ‘Audio Output’ seems to most always be ‘sleeping’. So I have to go to the Mac Mini and toggle the keypad or space bar two times, and this ‘wakes up’ the sound output. Am I missing something here to make this ‘always on’? This computer is dedicated to audio only, and I have removed all Apps not required by Apple. Thanks in advance, Ken.

Make sure you have no screen saver set to run

Hi @Ken_Kyser,

When this issue occurs does the display turn off on your Core? Do you have any active screensavers as @wizardofoz noted? Have you added both Roon and RAATServer as exceptions to the OSX firewall? Are you using any other firewall blocking software?

– Noris

Hi guys, thanks for reply; I did have screen saver activated, so I disabled it. Roon rarely crashes, I know this as I access it from my laptop or iPad. I am not using any other firewalls.
I usually run this Mac Mini headless, unless I pull up its display on my TV to see what is wrong…
The mac mini is old 2010 or 11, and is running hot. I keep looking at the Nucleus. Thanks again, I’ll report if stopping the screen saver has an effect on preserving the audio output.

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