Mac Mini + Uptone USB Regen + Hegel H160

I recently purchased a UpTone Regn USB and inserted it between my Mac Mini and Hegel H160. The result was soo much jitter the music was “unlistenable”. Looks like Roon can only see the UpTone device and not the Hegel anymore.

Anyone have this problem?

Hi @Robin ----- Thank you for the report and the feedback. Both are appreciated! We typically handle our support issues out on the public forum so that any information that may be helpful to other users is readily available. Would you mind if I set this PM as public thread and we can continue troubleshooting from there? Let me know :sunglasses:


Sure! Post away!

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Hi @Robin ---- Thank you for the quick response! To better understand what may be going on here, I’d like to ask you for the following information. Please see below.

  1. Can you please provide a brief but accurate description of your setup as seen here.

  2. Can you verify that before the introduction of the UpTone Regen USB, the Hegel H160 was being recognized by Roon correctly?

  3. Outside of Roon, say while using another application or media player, does this configuration function as it should?


I am unable to get Roon to recognize the UpTone Regen

Set Up
Roon version 1.2 build 65 64 bit
Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.5
Mac Mini - Mid 2011
Mem = 8GB

Synology NAS DS216 play 2x 3TB drives
30,000 tracks
Mac & Synology are both hard wired to NetGear WiFi Router

Mac Mini => (Cardas USB) =>UpTone Regen =>(Cardas USB)=>Hegel H160

Roon can see Hegel fine when going directly from Mac Mini USB port to Hegel
Roon cannot see either Hegel or Regen when Regen is introduced.
Tried switching out the cables to use Regen’s - no difference

Hi @Robin ----- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback. Both are appreciated! Can you please verify/provide the following:

  1. When using this configuration (MacMini - > USB - > UpToneRegen - > USB - > Hegel) are you able to get a successful playback from iTunes or another media player such as quicktime? Are you ONLY noticing this with Roon?

  2. Can you please provide screenshots of your audio zone settings.


Hi Eric,

Thanks so much for your time on this. It was a Regen connectivity issue not Roon.
Thanks again for your attention.

Happy Holidays!!

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