Mac Mini via Ethernet to Marantz PM7000N?

I’m currently running Roon on my MacBook Pro through to my Marantz PM7000N (which is a Roon Tested device) via AirPlay. I was thinking about grabbing a Mac Mini to use as a headless server and just loading my collection of FLAC onto it (rather than keeping it on the MacBook Pro) and connecting that directly via ethernet cable to my receiver (which has a DAC built in) and controlling everything via an iPad or my iPhone. Would that work fine? Will it overcome the limitation of AirPlay and let Roon properly play my FLAC files that are higher fidelity than 16/44? Thanks!

Unless your Marantz supports Roon over RAAT via Ethernet or has a USB-B type DAC input you can use then you would need a Roon Endpoint with analogue or perhaps digital (SPDIF/TOSLINK) output.

there are many options on Raspberry Pi for such endpoints and others like Lumin that are Roon Ready devices. options can range from around $100 USD to up into the $10,000+ range. so depending on budget and sound quality there is much to choose.

Optionally if the Marantz DAC is not that great you can use any USB DAC via the Analogue outputs to the amp.

Mac mini’s can be used as a Roon Bridge or Server to connect from. as a server they need a bit more consideration to how powerful they need to be depending on your library size including added streaming content.

That is correct. This device does not include USB DAC functionality, and has no USB-B input. This type of design is consistent with Denon / Marantz AV receivers, which have no USB DAC either. They favor USB-A for music files from a USB storage device.

How do I know if it supports Roon over RAAT? Would the Marantz have to be “Roon Ready” rather than “Roon Tested” as I mentioned in my post? I looked at Allo DigiOne Signatures if that’s what you mean by an end point, I was just trying to avoid spending more than I need to. With that I’m assuming it be would be Mac Mini -> Allo DigiOne Sig via Ethernet -> Marantz (which has a quite nice DAC) via SP/DIF?

I was planning on grabbing a 2018 Mac Mini, so I don’t think there’s be any issues with storing my library and running Roon from it. Would I just need to run Room Core from that rather than Server (what’s the difference?) and control it via the Roon app? I guess I’m also a little hazy as to the difference between a bridge and an endpoint. Can they be one and same as in the DigiOne? Conceptually I’m envisioning the app as the start point, the Mini as the bridge (which also holds my content?), and then the DigiOne as the endpoint. I’m not sure where the Marantz is in this metaphor though. :smile:
Thanks again!

Roon Server is Core and Bridge,

Roon is Core, Bridge and Remote or just Remote and Bridge if you are running a core elsewhere

Roon Bridge is nothing but a Bridge option. Most endpoints use this Bridge in one form or another or have their own implementation based on Roon Ready as a Roon Partner. Others like Ropieee on Raspberry Pi’s or Allo endpoints also use bridge. They can support different interfaces depending on the ir hardware.

If the Marantz has SPDIF the Allo DigiOne is a good option. As noted your Marantz doesn’t have a USB DAC input so you will need a different interface than just the Mini could provide.

Yeah, the Marantz has a coax digital in as well as two opticals. I had it in my head that the bridge was a physical entity rather than a piece of software. So the DigiOne would be running Bridge by Ropieee and the Mini would be running Core while an iPad/iPhone runs Remote? No need for Server? And my description of the connections between them all was correct? Thanks again for your patience.

Mini can run Roon Server if you never have a screen and K/M connected during normal use - ie Maybe via VNC or Remote Desktop to do admin things.

If you need at any point to use the MAC for remote then you can run Roon all the time or just Roon Server and start Roon as remote when you need it - connecting to the Server component from any remote you have.

Roon Server on a Mac/pc is essentially performing the same function as a ROCK or Nucleus installation but with a graphical OS

But what I just said in the comment you just responded to about the connections and remote/core/bridge is all correct? I was just planning on futzing with the Mini running core through my TV and wireless keyboard and mouse if I need to access it to change things around.

You must run a Server component somewhere, that can be as Roon Server or running Roon setup as running Core, you can have as many remotes as you like on many platforms like iOS, Android, Windows or Mac Linux remotes are not supported at this time.

you can run Roon Server and Roon as remote at the same time on one machine

So the answer is “Yes, you’ve got it right”?

I guess so

You guess? I mean, I’d rather have a definite answer before I splash out $1000. :sweat_smile:

Core is the server

core is the server and yes you need a core

Thanks. I appreciate it. I literally installed it last night so the jargon is still new to me. I had it in my head that Server (server) was a distinct software package from the base install. That’s where I was getting turned around.

You are not the first to be confused, and the Roon Server while its part of Roon can run like a background task. If you run Roon (not Roon Server) as a core if you quit Roon your Core/Server is also now not running.

I run Roon Server on a headless Windows machine or a Macmini (in the past) and Roon as remote on my desktop, I can also run roon remote on my headless Windows PC if I have a screen or remote connection too.

Ahhhh. Makes sense. I’ll grab an Allo then and get to streaming properly because AirPlay is pretty awful. Thanks again for all the help!

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when you get the Allo you can setup a new audio device in Roon Settings Audio and leave the old Airplay one there if you like or just disable it…Airplay is also supported in the RopieeeXL interface if you have others in the house that like to use airplay but not play through roon.

yes airplay SUCKS

plenty of help if you need it

Unless the cats develop opposable thumbs, it’s just me.

I just pulled the trigger on the parts for the DigiOne Signature. I should have it together by next week. I’ll be running it from my MacBook Pro for now until I grab a Mac Mini in January.

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