Mac Mini vs Allo Digione

I current have a 2011 Mac Mini as my Roon core and is connected to my AV Receiver via optical output. I was wondering if there are any advantages using my Mac Mini as my core and get a Raspberry Pi with Allo Digione as my RoonBridge?

Considering that both Mac Mini and Raspberry Pi with Allo Digione are connected via digital outputs to my AV receiver, would there be any noticeable difference on audio?

I cant comment on the outputs based on Mini vrs Allo Digione but it “should” be better or at least no worse than the mini.

BUT, using that vintage mini is under the minimum spec for Roon and unless you have an SSD in there as well its likely to not scale well as your library grows or you try to do any DSP functions…Just saying.

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It will allow you to move your mac mini away from your audio hardware. I use the Digione and it sounds great.


Why do say

There are few absolutes in this area. Too many variables to be sure. But, @wizardofoz knows his stuff.

The Allo Digione is getting very good feedback here so I dont expect it will be any worse. Typically moving the connectivity away from a higher powered computer via network is supposed to improve…and @John_V is right - there are so many variables…best to try these things if you are able to and assess with your own ears…everyone hears differently :smiley: