Mac mini vs macbook pro vs Surface Pro 4

Dear all: I am seriously considering purchasing your software. I am also in the market for a new computer and/or tablet that would act, among other things, as the host computer running the program. I do already have an iPad that would act as the remote/controller.

My question is simple: Which one of the devices in the title of this thread would you recommend, and why? Is the Surface Pro 4 even an option as a host computer to run the software? I would love it if that were the case, since the Surface is such a flexible device…

In all cases, I would be purchasing a device with an i7 processor, at least 8 GB of RAM (probably 16), and 512 GB of solid state drive space or more (much more in the case of the macs).

Thanks very much for your time and advise!

Your machine spec is good. As for the specifics, others that use those machines can comment.

For further reading on the subject, and a great post by @brian, check this out:

I run Roon on a headless Mac Mini 2.5/16 gig ram/1TB SSD. Used with an iPad Pro. Absolutely perfect and never misses a beat connected via USB to my Devialet 400. All I wish for is Qobuz!

Since June I’ve been running Roon Core on my old 2009 Mac Mini 2.53 Ghz intel Core 2 duo, 8GB ram, 500 GB 7200 rpm hard drive. All music is stored on attached Firewire hard drive and also on D-Link NAS. This Mini also sends music to a Sonos ZP90 in one room in my house and I’ve had no problem with Sonos and Roon running at the same time. Honestly, I really haven’t had any issues other than some of the occasional known Roon issues, but those seem to be resolved with the latest Roon version. I also use Tidal and am fortunate to not have any problems with it. I live in North Carolina and am on a not so blazing DSL 12 MB download, but my internet service is steady and reliable. I may move Roon to my other Mini which is a Mid 2011 2.5 Ghz Intel Core i5 with 16GB ram, 750 gb 7200 rpm hard drive. If I did that I’d probably put a SSD drive in it. So in my experience Roon has been stable on hardware that’s much lower speed than what is listed above. That speaks very well for it. I’m using an iPad Air 2 for remote control and it works great! I’m really looking forward to Roon speakers so at that time I’ll probably put my old Mini by my main stereo big rig as an endpoint and then turn the newer Mini into the Roon Core.