Mac Mini vs Simaudio Mind 2

I am upgrading my dac to the simaudio 280d. I am torn between purchasing the optional mind 2 card. Currently I am using roon with my Mac mini and current Cambridge audio dac. My question is will I notice any discernible Sound quality difference by running roon through a simaudio mind 2 vs a dedicated Mac mini? Anyone try a dedicated streamer va Mac mini and notice a difference?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

If it helps the remaining gear is a simaudio i7 integrated amplifier with monitor audio pl300 speakers.

You still need a dedicated pc to run Roon on.Using the 280 d with the mind 2 allows you to run Roon over Ethernet into the Moon 280d

Thanks for the reply. For clarity:

Option 1 - run simaudio 280d dac with roon through dedicated Mac mini.

Option 2 - run simaudio 289d with room through mind 2 card built into 280d

Will both of these sound the same sound quality?

I have the same dac but use Roon with HQPlayer.I have my main pc Running Roon and HQPlayer.Then I use a intel nuc as a naa which is connected to my dac through USB.

What do you think of the setup? Would there be anything gained by giving up the pc and using a simaudio mind?

Even with mind 2 you still need a pc.Roon won’t run on the 280d so you still have to have a pc

So essentially there would be no point to the mind 2 if I am primarily using roon? Assuming I am ok with a wired connection and the computer is located next to my dac

Lastly are you happy with the dac? Would you recommend it?

With using the mind 2 you could put your pc anywhere in your home hooked to Ethernet and then of course the dac hooked up to Ethernet.Some people say sound quality is better over Ethernet then usb.

Ok great thanks for your help

Any feedback on the DAC? Do you recommend it?

Moon makes quality products and when registered dac is warrantied for 10 years to orginal owner.I do like there products.Also have a moon equinox se CD player,and will be buying a preamp from them in the near future.

Hi, the 280d is excellent (heard it but I have had a 380d and now a 780d). The mind2 card is better than a full SOTM stack + hqplayer feeding the USB port of these players (in my view And after many comparison). Way simpler too.

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Thanks for the reply

Wow you have my whole future of DACs. Did you notice big jumps in performance between each of the DACs

Are you using simaudio for preamplifiers and power amps ?

Hi! I have a 280Mind2 too, linked with ethernet to a Sinology NAS. Then I run ROON (or Audirvana) in mi imac. I tried to install hqplayer but it doesn’t find my Mind2.
How do you did it?

Is it better to run Roon or Audirvana in anotger computer (or in a Roon Rock) than in the iMac desktop?


In my set up I have Roon Rock on a i5 intel nuc when i just want to use Roon.I have second powerfull pc that has HQPlayer on it.Then i have a intel nuc hooked by usb that has HQPlayer NAA software on it so it can recognize HQPlayer.