Mac OS - graphics inconsistency

Why does Roon’s title bar display white when Mac OS (Big Sur) is in dark mode?

See screenshot for a comparison with all other windowsimage

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This has been a annoyance for me as well.
I hope they will address this in the next update.

Btw, the previous great update, 7.1, was released a year and a day ago.
I hope we will see the next update soon.

Rare for roon to go more than a calendar year with out an update so I would expect it in 2020 but only if it’s ready. Shipping something before it’s ready is not roon’s style, so I’m happy to wait for a solid update when it’s ready.

This is just “informed speculation” on my part, but it seems rather obvious that Roon Labs is using a cross platform framework (probably Qt) for all of their apps. Thus it’s not truly native on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. My guess is that the underlying framework doesn’t support MacOS system-level Dark Mode yet, so there’s no way for Roon to implement it. I have Autodesk Fusion 360 on my Mac, which is definitely Qt, and its titlebar doesn’t turn black when I’m in Dark Mode either.

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It’s Xamarin I believe.

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