Mac OS Sierra and iOS 10 - Has any testing been done yet?

has any testing been done with the current release of Roon / Server / Bridge with the upcoming Mac OS Sierra?

Likewise the iOS apps I hope have also been thru the current beta iOS 10 versions.


with only a couple of weeks before Mac OS out for public upgrades and a week for iOS I hope its got the all clear for all Roon related apps


Indeed. I really love being able to use our iPhones as remotes.

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Public Beta is released as GM update for Mac OS Sierra…any idea if its good to go with V1.2 build 157? @support

Works like a charm from beta 1.


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Thanks for testing! Was definitely planning on holding off until there was confirmation of compatibility. Anyone have any idea if Apple is doing anything to audio functionality in Sierra?

I updated to beta then beta 7 public and all seems fine on 2 of my macmini bridges at least as far as the app running so that’s good. Seems to be playing fine too.

I have no problems with the server but the remote on iOS 10 ocasely lost his connection and then find it fast again. Also now I’m thinking about it, it takes longer to log in with iOS 10. Further it all works.

Happy Rooning😎

There are some reported issues: Roon Core on Mac OS Sierra cannot mount my SMB drives

The Roon developers working on them: Mac OS Sierra is out [Roon testing in progress]