Mac OS Sierra is out [Roon B161 supports it]

Has Roon been tested with the new os?
Is it safe to update?

I have used the beta version of Mac os with Roon for a while. It has worked well, so I don’t think it will be any problem.

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OK I updated but now the watched folder on my nas cannot be used… roon shows " unknown error" message.
The network folder was added using smb.

The nas shows up in finder but that it gets added using afp.
I could manually set it to mount using smb in finder and added it as a statrt up drive again. So in finder it’s OK
In roon I can’t get it to work!

So now I have no access to my music files in roon. :slightly_frowning_face: @support can you help

For a workaround, see end of this thread:

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Our Sierra testing kicked off yesterday and we are logging issues we find for our next release. We’ve got a ticket open for the SMB issue and we’re hoping to get a fix into a build soon.

For now, hopefully the work-around linked above works @stevev1? Let us know if not and we’ll take a look.

I hope a fix is coming quickly as the work around is “chinese” for me… I have no idea where to start.

If you’re willing to execute a command after every boot, there’s simpler way but it till requires you to use Terminal.
Open Terminal and run: “sudo chmod a+rwxt /Volumes”; it will prompt you for your password.
Once executed, Roon should work with SMB disks, you might have to restart Roon though.


I won’t be rebooting until there’s a new build that solves this once and for all.


Thank you. Worked a treat :ok_hand:t2:


bridge and client are working fine on Mac OS Sierra…but we all knew that :stuck_out_tongue:

The same happened to me but with a fresh Sierra installation (non-beta).
Since Sierra is not a beta release anymore and the root cause has been identified, we are all waiting for next Roon release with the solution of the problem.

Thank you! You’re a Godsend! I didn’t see this warning about Sierra before I upgraded and have been pulling my hair out trying to figure it out.

Hopefully Roon can get a proper fix out soon-

Thanks again!

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at least for mac os sierra no waiting for app store approvals

when I upgrade to OS Sierra none of them support output to my PS Audio direct stream DAC over USB, Audriovana and Jriver work, so its a problem isolate to Roon. Can you please provide me with some assistance in solving it, or give me the time frame for an upgrade for each product.

Thanks much

Roon cannot play to my Directstream USB DAC in MAC OS Sierra, bridge mode works fine but USB is not functioning at all. Any suggestions, or timeline for an update?



Hi Seth,

I’ve moved your posts into this existing thread. Let’s flag @Support to look into the USB isssue.

Ill try later on my Direcstream Junior … @Seth_Warshavsky is yours the full DS DAC or Jr?

I have my jr plugged into my core on windows now…but can easily try the Mac - just need to install the upgrade

DS DAC but it should work the same, please update me after you try.

Thanks you so much


I can’t believe people rush into new OS releases so quickly!

Might just be a habit of professional software being slow to get updated for new OSs, but I generally wait at least months if not nearer a year before I update - get a feel of what works, what doesn’t, make sure all the software I use is compatible etc.

You guys / gals (?) are very brave!

Why? Apple pushes the update via the app store. It’s been in beta for months.