Mac OS X, the bottom of the Roon window is offscreen

I am using a widescreen (16:9) HDMI panel with my Mac. When at the Default for display setting the bottom of the Roon window is off screen. The Window/Zoom menu choice does let me see all of the application, but I’d like to be able to run the application in a less than full window from time to time. Is this me or the application?

Roon needs a minimum vertical resolution of 700 px:
Roon complains about desktop resolution and will only work in Max or Full screen mode
(see post by Mike)

What is the display resolution of your panel?

The screen is an LG M1931D-PZ, 1366x768

There you go: add in a task bar and a bit of window chrome for the Roon window and you’re coming up short height wise. Not much you can do apart from maximizing the window, I’m afraid…

So it can all fit into an iPad mini screen without problem, and needs more space on a desktop. Redonculous.

No not really - Mac Mini resolution is higher than your screen - simple really.

No, this is a classic “we designed it to work on xyz machine, and didn’t check how it would work out in the real world”. Some portion of users have a Mac; that they only turn on the screen when they need to administer things, or alternatively VNC into. For those people the requirement that the screen must be HD or even 4K is unnecessary. We take it for granted that most or all other applications re-size automatically, including the package we use to access this forum. Why not Roon desktop.

I can use Scaled display to work around, 1080p works best.

I disagree if you design a program to have a graphics heavy display with as much info as possible, then you set a minimum specification and your screen is below that specification. Your iPad mini though is above that specification.

That’s not entirely fair: iPad resolution is 2048‑by‑1536, which amounts to 768 points vertically, all available to Roon as iPad apps run full screen by nature.

768 px. for a desktop monitor is what we used 10 years ago and even so, Roon will run perfectly fine on your screen – just not in a smallish window. No HD or 4K required: just a modest 700 px. of vertical space.

Comparing it to a responsive webdesign such as this forum is not entirely fair either: it’s pretty obvious Roon needs more headroom for all it brings on to the screen.

Evening Rene,
Running scaled at 1080p does make this academic. When I VNC in from my laptop it looks quite pretty.
Different developers do it different ways; Sonos seem to require 670~690(?), JRiver allow a scroll bar to appear, and Bluesound seem to operate on the basis that users will use a tablet or phone, and the desktop version is sort of tacked on.
Looks like there is still some room to work out what the best interface is.

For me, Sonos and Bluesound can’t hold a candle to Roon interface-wise, while JRiver has been hit hard by the ugly stick at birth and never recovered.

But hey – choice is good. For now: enjoy your Roon. :wink:

Ancient issue, but this is driving me nuts on my 12" Macbook air,
with the controller application. It does fit the screen vertically when
launched, but somewhere along the way it forgets and extends
past the bottom (can’t see the play position indicator, can’t get it back).

Reconfiguring display resolution just to make the app happy is nuts,
the machine is not a dedicated controller and I have a regular work
environment to tend to.