Mac/PC Network Attached Server

I run Roon on a Mac and a PC. Files are stored on a network attached server. Roon sees the NAS from the PC, but not the Mac. I’ve connected to the server from the Mac, and it shows up in my Finder directory. I can browse the files from my Mac, but can’t get Mac Roon to see it.

Any insight on this issue?


Hi @Day_Radebaugh,

Do you by any chance have any active firewalls on the MacOS? Can you please check to make sure that both Roon and RAATServer have been added as exceptions to your MacOS firewall by using these instructions? How are you connecting to the share on the Mac, are you using Hostname or IP Address? The bottom of our Add Folders By Path guide describe both methods.

Firewall off. Connecting to server using IP address. Could not find the “Watched Folder” path on my Mac Roon. Tried adding folder and adding network share, but did not work.


Only the core needs to have the nas location setup. The remotes just browse what the core is offering up. Where is the core running, are you trying to move the core from pc to Mac?

Roon installed on PC and Mac. Deauthorize the other one as I move from machine to machine.

Have you used the same links to the nas…smb://ipaddress/share to access on the Mac? You must add a network share…mapped or finder links are not supported case sensitive too

Not sure what my share is. I try to connect with smb:

Well you need a share name… /music is often a default used for qnap and synology iirc

Hi @Day_Radebaugh,

As @wizardofoz mentioned you need to also specify the share name, and the proper SMB input as per our add folders by path documentation:


You should be able to find this information in the NAS’s control panel.

Thanks. I get the idea here. Believe I have a permissions problem here.

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Thanks for your help, guys. Got it going.

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Hi @Day_Radebaugh,

Thanks for the update, hope you have a wonderful Roon experience :headphones:!

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