Mac Remote Cannot Find Core

Core machine is a Sonic Transporter i7, running roon server 1.7 build 667

End point 2012 Mac Mini running OSX Catalina


Everything is hardwired through cat 6e ethernet


Auralic Vega v1 connected to mac by usb


Hello, I just transferred my roon core from the MacMini to the Small Green Computer i7. I still want to use the Mac as an additional endpoint. Everything with the i7 seems to work fine, but I cannot get the MacMini to recognize the new roon core. What’s weird is that the Mac / dac shows up as a usable zone and I can use my iPad to control it without issue. However, I would like to still be able to use the desktop interface on the Mac as well. I cannot get past the find my core screen. I have even directly entered the server IP address in the help screen. Any help is appreciated.


Hi @John_Hunt,

What do you see on the Mac when you’re trying to connect?

Can you provide some extra details about your network setup? What is the router in use? Are there any other networking devices at play (switches, access points, powerline adapters, etc.)?

The Image of what I see has been added. I use a synology router, and a 16port unmanaged switch. The Mac and the SonicTransporter are connected to the unmanaged switch using CAT6e. As, I mentioned everything seems to work fine, except for getting the interface on the mac to actually load up.


If you install IP Scanner Pro (or similar) on your Mac you will be able to determine the IP address of your new Core. Once you have that, click the “Help” link in the window you posted a screenshot of, and enter that IP address. That will get your Mac connected to the new Core. On subsequent connects it should find it more easily.

Hi @John_Hunt,

What is the IP address of the Mac Mini and the Core, are they on the same subnet range (IPs match except for the last 3 digits)?

If you try to temporarily use WiFi on your Mac, are you able to connect to the SonicTransporter?

Thanks for the tips. Yes, they are all on the same subnet. I know the ip of the i7 and have tried entering it directly into the help bar. I will try wifi temporary to see if that helps.

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Try as the core IP and see if that works.

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