Mac sluggish since update


I just want to note that I have exactly the same problem on my two MacBook Pros. One is the new 16" the other is a 15" from 2014 with Mojave. They are used as clients. Both have two GPUs. The Core is running on another Mac and the music library is quite large (25000 Albums, and the rescanning happens often and takes much time).

When I start the Roon Client every other work is almost impossible. Typing gets interrupted. The Fans start to noise. The problem started since version 1.7 I believe.

Hi @Axel_Klatt,

As mentioned in the other thread about this issue does switching to Discrete Only result in things improving for you?

Well. Using gfxCardStatus allows me only to disable automatic GPU switching. I can’t pin it to ‘internal’ it always turns to ‘discret’. It seems(!) to me as dynamic switching improves the situation slightly (opposed to pin it to discrete).
But it is easy to reproduce while you have multiple desktops and you run roon fullscreen in one. When you walk fast through the desktops while roon is running you experience the stuttering move. When you turn roon off all is smooth. (during testing there was _no library rescan).
Have you tried to reproduce this ? I believe this is easy to reproduce :slight_smile:

thanks, Axel

Hi @Axel_Klatt,

Thanks for the update here, I’ll get this info to the team to try to reproduce in our QA labs. To clarify:

Are you moving Roon back and forth between the monitors here? What are the exact steps you’re taking?

If possible, could you record a video of you reproducing this behavior?


macOS has virtual desktops aka Spaces. You can switch between then using a multi finger gesture on the trackpad.

Hi @Axel_Klatt,

The team tried reproducing this using the Spaces feature that DrTone mentioned above and we aren’t seeing this happen on our end still. If possible, a video showing Roon starting fresh and then getting into this state would be very helpful for better understanding what might be occurring here.


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