Mac to Mac SMB will not connect in Roon

My core is running on a Mac mini. I have an iMac with music. I setup folder sharing via SMB on the iMac. I am able to map that drive on the Mac mini but Roon will not see the SMB share. Have tried the suggestions in the forums (e.g. removing special characters from the password, using the IP address) - still will not connect.

Seems simple; what am I missing please?

Hi Joe,

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Have you checked out this Knowledge Base Article?

Hi - yes this is where I started. The Mac mini can map to the smb share so its working but not for Roon. Any other ideas on things to try?


I figured this out. The Roon help documentation shows to enter your first and last name with a space between them. My iMac required the username to be my first and last names with no space and no caps. Might want to note that in your documentation. Thanks.

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