Mac to ROCK migration - will I lose my customizations?

I will be migrating from a Mac based core to a ROCK NUC. I have a large library (248k tracks, 16k albums) and have done a LOT of customizations. I plan to set up the new NUC, copy files over, and restore the Roon db from a backup.

The question is whether Roon will remember my customizations since the top file path will be different. The directory structure inside will be unchanged.

make a backup, restore it on new system. then edit the library location to point to new folder location. it’s seamless since you will be moving the top level pointer.

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I would probably make a few days of backup’s just incase one gets corrupted or messed up in the process.

I have a saved backup that I will keep “safe”.

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I migrated from Mac to ROCK using the process described without losing my edits (about 3,000 albums). Roon handles changes in file location fairly well.

My mac absolute directory structure is /Volumes/Musica/Musica/… so the physical drive /Volumes/Musica has the directory Musica under which all of my local files are organized.

So I gather from what you say that Roon identifies files by [library location]/[path within library location] and [library location] is a variable specified in the Library config. On my mac, [library location]=/Volumes/Musica/Musica/. So if I change [library location] in Storage to [library location]=/ROCK/Data/ and I copy under /ROCK/Data/ everything I have under /Volumes/Musica/Musica/ it will just work?

I sure hope these guys are correct, as i moved from a ROCK to another OS for Server with identical libraries. The analysis and everything was redone all over for all files… (around 200K files)

I copied over the files before changing the library location when I migrated from Mac to ROCK.

I plan to copy over such that the location is the same - that is [data root]/[my files]. Once copied I will restore the db from a backup.

How did you copy? Over the network?

Yes. I copied over the network from my NAS to my ROCK using Robocopy on my Windows PC. (I actually run a continuous sync so that I manage my collection on the NAS and Robocopy syncs over any changes to the ROCK).

For large data transfers, I highly prefer a sync utility like Robocopy. It can be restarted if there are any errors and won’t have to re-copy any files that have already been copied over. I haven’t explored any Mac equivalents.

You did it wrong then. Never analsyized anything again adn I have migrated a few times. Infact just did it yesterday whilst I had my main core down. Backed up and restored on my backup core with out any issues.

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