Macbook Air/Meridian DAC not connecting to Nucleus

Hi. I put my Macbook Air, running the latest Mojave Os in my bedroom. Connected a Meridian Explorerer 2 DAC into it, and connected my audio engine speakers.

The Mac is on my wifi, same network as my nucleus that is out in the living room. I’m getting sound thru the speakers, output is the Meridien Explorer but it is not showing up as a sound zone/output in Roon.

My thought was to use this in my bedroom and control it via my iphone roon controller in there but it’s not showing up as a ‘‘zone’’ in roon settings. No firewall turned on, no anti virus junk on the macbook air. I’ve tried restarting everything including the Nucleus.

Any tips on what I could be doing wrong? Thanks so much.

never mind. found out you can dl roon on the macbook and choose it as a remote. did not know that. thought it would have to be core. will leave this in case others do the same thing.

Hi James,

Instead of running the full version of Roon on your MacBook Air (if you don’t need to) you can install RoonBridge instead. Roon Bridge has a very small footprint and isn’t anywhere near as processor intensive as the full version of Roon.

You can still leave the full version of Roon on your Mac but don’t need to open it unless you wish to control what is fed to your Explorer.

Here is some info. On RoonBridge:

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Awesome man thanks for the tip. I don’t need to run the full version as i’m actually using my iphone or ipad to control it in there. Will check out RBridge pronto! Thanks again!

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Remember if you want the Roon Bridge to run all the time you need to right click on the bar icon and select to Launch at startup


thanks. will do!