Macbook Air not appearing as Audio Device & Airplay connection issues (ref#DUP97S)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with my DAC, speakers, streamer, etc.

What best describes the issue with your audio device?

· My device has never shown up in Settings > Audio

Describe the issue

My Macbook Air is not showing up as Audio Device. It works fine as remote. No issues with other audio devices. Roon works fine on Sonos speakers, iPhone, iPad, Chromecast etc. It could be the case that it used to work, but I honestly don't remember. The Macbook does show up as Airplay device but playback does not work that way either (fails to connect)

Describe your network setup

Router is a Fritz!Box 7520. Core is connected to the network via Ethernet, the Macbook is usually using WiFi but the issue persists when using Ethernet.

Do you have Roon bridge installed on the MacBook Air?

Just tried installing RoonBridge, but that doesn’t work either (just keeps saying “RoonBridge Status: Not Running”). But I think I shouldn’t need that anyway, having the proper Roon app installed.

Right, sorry, it should work with the Roon app installed. Have you got your MacBook’s output enabled in the Audio portion of Roon on the MacBook Air? Are you using the Air as the Core?

Hello @Lorenz_Vorrath ,

The most common cause of similar behavior is a firewall blocking Roon/RAATServer from starting properly. Are you by any chance making use of such apps on your affected device? Apps such as Bullguard, Kaspersky, McAFee can present these symptoms.

I do use the MacOS firewall but have it set up to allow incoming connections for Roon – I’ll try to disable it later and see if that changes anything. Other than that I am using the iCloud private relay but to my understanding this should only affect Safari.

@noris Just wanted to let you know that deactivating the firewall completely did not solve the issue

@Lorenz_Vorrath Is your MacBook on a different subnet than your RoonServer?

@daniel No they are on the same subnet.

Oddly, since this morning I am starting to see the MacBook again in the list of my audio devices. But whenever I try to play something, a message shows up, saying “failed to initialize Audio device” and the device disappears for a few seconds.

When the MacBook next appears please upload a screenshot of your audio settings page in Roon.

This is what the audio settings page looks like when the Macbook is there:

When I click play this warning appears:

And then, when play is clicked again the “This Mac” portion of the settings page disappears completely for a few seconds:

Thank you for providing those screenshots. The snippet from your logs indicates there is some intermittent network interference between your server and your MacBook.

05/29 21:15:45 Info: [stats] 7635mb Virtual, 2734mb Physical, 1085mb Managed, 365 Handles, 86 Threads
05/29 21:16:00 Info: [stats] 7490mb Virtual, 2734mb Physical, 1085mb Managed, 365 Handles, 66 Threads
05/29 21:16:06 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] no data received for >10000ms. Killing connection.
05/29 21:16:06 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer lorenzvorrath @ [MacBook Air IP address]] lost client connection. Retrying
05/29 21:16:06 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer lorenzvorrath @ [MacBook Air IP address]] connecting (attempt 1)
05/29 21:16:06 Info: [transport] destroyed zone Macbook Air was playing? False
05/29 21:16:06 Trace: [zone Macbook Air] Suspend

Is there any difference if you move the MacBook closer to your router? How is your RoonServer connected to your network?

@daniel No difference, Macbook is usually connected to a Access Point; moving it closer to that doen’t change anything. Same with the actual router. Behaviour also the same with a wired connection

The Roon Server is connected to LAN with a network switch inbetween

Can you try bypassing the network switch temporarily to rule it out as the cause?

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