MacBook as an Endpoint

I have a MacBook working with Roon nicely but the audio output is marked as only available from the MacBook. Is there a way to configure the Mac as a “public” output so I have access to it from my iPad?

Not until 1.2 is released or making it the core or server install on 1.1

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Hi Peter,

I expect you are running the MacBook as a Remote with the Core on another machine ?

If so then the answer is “not yet”. it’s all about to change with Roon 1.2.

Edit: Curses, missed by that much ! Shakes fist impotently @DrTone

Perfect, thanks for the quick reply. I was about to go madly search for a way to make it work… :wink:

Hi Peter,

If you are using an iPad or Tablet to remotely control the Macbook, then I recommend you to use Google Remote Desktop app or any other that gives you access to the MacBook, and then you would be able to control that endpoint. Not the most elegant solution, but that is the way I’m currently using it meanwhile Roon 1.2 is launched.

Exactly what I do now with VNC but is a bit of a drag.