MacBook cannot connect to Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus+ running latest versions

Networking Gear & Setup Details

xfinity internet and router/wifi - Nucleus is connected via ethernet to the xfinity router.

Connected Audio Devices

MacBook Pro, MacOS 12.6.3
iPad, iOS 16.2

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Recently, I started to have an issue where my MacBook cannot access the Nucleus - the Roon app does not find it, and I cannot access the webpage via the browser. I cannot ping the Nucleus either. This started several week ago, and if I rebooted the Nucleus and/or the MacBook, I could generally get ti to connect again. But tonight, I cannot access it at all after multiple reboots of both devices. In the meanwhile, I have no problem accessing Roon via my iPad or iPhone - I can access via the Roon app, and also access the Nucleus web page via the browser. I can also access via ARC from my iPhone.

The Nucleus+ is and the MacBook is so they are on the same subnet. Nothing else has changed. I tried tuning off the firewall on the MacBook.

@HeavyMetalDrummer, what is the model of MBPro you are using? Is it possible to connect your MBPro using Ethernet to your network to eliminate WiFi as a variable?

Yes, I though to that. But I haven’t tried it. I need to find an adapter, I have one somewhere.

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Also consider to reboot the router.

Interesting - this problem went away completely after the update to Roon 2.0.11. Not sure why, nothing has changed with the home network, and I don’t think that anything changed with the Nucleus itself other than the Roon server software.

BUT - since I upgraded to Roon server 2.0.12 this week - now the problem is back. My iPhone and iPad have no problem connecting, but my Mac will often not be able to connect either from the Roon client or via the Nucleus web page. I can’t even ping it from my Mac. And then suddenly it will start working again. I can usually get it to connect again after a reboot of the Nucleus. It makes no sense.

Hi there,
I’ve had a frustrating time such as this before on a home network and it turned out to be a IP addresses conflict where 2 devices weRe attempting to use the same IP. As home networks are generally flat across both wireless and wired address space wise, perhaps double check you haven’t tried to either reserve or set the same address on these two devices. Would be good to rule it out