MacBook Pro 2015 as roon core?

Hello everyone,
First of all, forgive me if this question is stupid but I start on roon.
I have a dac preamp vega g2 with lightning ds.
this software is good but I find roon much more complete, more powerful and more ergonomic
as I’m going to have a macbook pro 16go 2015 that I’m going to dedicate to the hifi, I was wondering if it would be appropriate to install and use roon
the quality would be good?
enough power for dsp treatment?
I will connect the mac on the vega g2 via usb?
will the quality be altered, better or worse, than if I streamed only with vega g2?
Thank you for your answers,

Install Roon on the Mac, connected to your network (Ethernet). Connect the G2 to the same network and configure it as a Roon endpoint. Use a tablet as a remote and that should give you the optimum Roon experience with the hardware you propose.

thank you henry!
what I have trouble understanding is how by adding a device, cables, etc., and therefore by making the signal path more complex, the quality of the sound can be better than by streaming directly from the streamer.
can you explain to me ?
thank you!

This Knowledge Base article gives some pointers…

A lot depends on USB implementation. Eliminating USB from your signal path removes a lot of uncertainty but the best way to compare is to try both ways and go with what suits.