MacBook Pro as designated Roon server and daily user

We Can my MacBook Pro 2011 high Sierra with 16g ram
Be used as a designated Roon server and still be used
For light word processing and surfing. I had about 3 hours of
Success using my MacBook Pro as the server, and my iPhone 7+ as the touch screen. It was awesome, and then my Mac crashed. Consequently I had also loaded High Sierra,
And this could have contributed, or have been the primary
Culprit. I have since, wiped my computer to factory, with a fresh install of High Sierra. I just want to know if my MacBook
Can be both Roon server and everyday carry.
Thank you

I run a 2013 27” iMac as core and also control and use it daily for many things.

As long as your mbp is running an ssd you should be doing fine.

Always with any computer keep at least 10% or ideally 20% free disk space available. More if running windows and using hibernation.

Ultimately it will probably come down to how big your library is and also if you do any dsp functions.

Highly unlikely that roon would crash your Mac to the point of a reinstall of the os.

Thank you for your clear stated reply. I will proceed to reload
Roon, making the MacBook my server and the iPhone 7+,
The slave. I was blown away by how much better my library sounded using Roon. :slightly_smiling_face:

I run a MBP early 2011 as a roon server. 8 GB ram. No ssd. I mainly do Tidal streaming. I use my Time Machine for storage. Everything well but have a look to DSD functions in roon software. Maybe not everything is possible depending on your processor. I can upsample to DSD 256 without problems.

I have a late 2012 15” MBP that I use as my primary computer at home. Much of that time, it is also running as my Roon core. I did upgrade the hard drive to an SSD prior to using Roon, just to gain some speed and extend the useful life of the machine. My music is stored on an external USB drive. I do use Time Machine for backup, but exclude the Roon database because Time Machine backups of the database are likely to be corrupt (Roon is actively reading and writing to the database, often during back up, resulting in a corrupt database). I use the backup feature within Roon to backup my Roon database, both to Dropbox and an external USB drive.

In the early days of Roon I had some issues, but now I rarely if ever notice my computing tasks impacting Roon performance or vice versa. If there are noise-related issues that go along with using a general purpose computer as a Roon core, they are not significant enough to detract from my listening experience. Let us know how you do. Cheers!