MacBook Pro fan on constantly with Roon

Last few days I’ve noticed that whenever I’m running Roon the fans on the MacBook are constantly on. This is a really recent phenomenon and I’ve really got no idea what’s changed. All the info is below including CPU use with Roon and without Roon. Interested to know if this is an isolated problem?

I’m running the exact same version on an older Macbook Pro (early 2011/High Sierra) and am not having any issues. I’m thinking you’ve got something else going on that’s just not showing up - iCloud syncing issues maybe? That’s what putzed up my Mac some time ago and made my fan run like mad, but didn’t show up anywhere.

Macbook Pro 2020 as Roon remote (not server). No issue.

Unfortunately high gpu and cpu usage is not at all uncommon on newer generations of Macbook Pro. Just do a quick search and you’ll find many related threads. Personally, I’m experiencing high gpu usage.

Hi @mike_chadwick,

We have an active investigation into high CPU reports on Mac, can you please confirm if turning the WiFi adapter off and back on has any impact on your CPU usage? Do you have any audio analysis or library importing in progress?

I don’t use WiFi - I’ve got Ethernet connected via a dock. I get the high CPU activity as soon as I open Roon - nothing importing and no analysis going on. This is a recent phenomenon and may be due to the most recent MAS OSX update?

I tried switching the WiFi on - CPU usage dropped right down to around 6%, temperature dropped to around 56° and fan noise subsided! Switched WiFi off and CPU usage remained steady.

Woke the Mac from sleep today. Started Roon and still running with low CPU usage and “normal” operating temperature - no fan noise.
Tried from a reboot with Roon opening from startup. Initially had high CPU usage and temperature (around 78°C) with fan noise. Temperature dropped back pretty quickly and CPU usage dropped back to around 6%. Fan noise subsided after around 5 minutes. Haven’t touched the WiFi setting and the computer is currently running at 7% CPU & 61°C - no fan noise. 15 minutes since start up - temperature fluctuating between 63° & 65°C, CPU usage 4-8%. still no fan noise.

Can’t see any rhyme or reason to this. Just opened Roon (laptop has been awake for 5 hours). CPU usage jumped and temperature increased.

Closed Roon and everything dropped back to normal. Tried running Roon with all other applications closed - instant increase in CPU usage & temperature! Switched WiFi on and back to normal temperature

Just to clarify - Mac is being used as a Roon remote - I’m using a ROCK as the Core.

What was Roon doing at the time, did you have music playing?

Is ~40% the most CPU used? This doesn’t seem to be quite high if there was activity happening inside of Roon.

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