MacBook Pro poor performance

I have MacBook Pro , 4GB ram, 2.7 Ghz Intel core 7, my iTunes librari is more than 70.000 songs and i have also playlists on Tidal…running Roon on my Mac is very frustrating…very very slow…poor response time…any help ?
With this situatiion I Will canncell my Roon subscription

hi @Rzzmrz,

I have been running Roon on MacBook Pro (also i7) as well up until recently. My library is about 40% smaller than yours, but Roon ran perfectly smooth on my machine. I would suspect the guys here should be able to help you out.

Extra memory could be an idea, 8gb rather than 4gb, I took a guess at your model ‘2010 15 inch’? and Crucial have an 8gb upgrade kit for £50.00


Monitor is 13 inch, 2011, graphic is Intel Hd Graphics 3000 384 MB

A few thoughts… Is the MacBook running Roon core? Are all 70.000 tracks local or on the network (NAS or server)? Is Roon still importing the tracks (you should see a little circular spinner rop tight, clicking on it will give a list of Roon’s progress while importing)?

The i7 should be more than up to the job, the graphics are slightly dated but should be able to run Roon. As Ratbert says, 4GB RAM is rather limited, depending on whether Roon runs core locally and other software running in parallel. You could use Activity Monitor to check how much memory is in use, and if your machine is swapping to disk heavily. Also, depending on configuration, your MacBook could have a ‘slow’ harddrive (5400RPM) slowing things down (certainly when swapping), in which case an SSD could perform miracles.

My guess would be that Roon is still busy importing/analyzing the tracks (which is a one-time but taxing process). When it’s finished, you machine should be able run Roon OK. But of course, upgrading RAM (and maybe SDD) should help a lot.

So for that model the 8gb is even cheaper 8gb (2x4gb) kit for MacBook pro late 2011


Hi @Rzzmrz – I think your performance on that laptop with that collection should be pretty good.

Has your library finished loading? The initial collection load uses considerably more resources than normal operation, as metadata and images are downloaded.

You’ll know the process is complete when the spinner goes away:

Let me know if your import has finished and we’ll take a deeper look @Rzzmrz.


Hi Mike,spinner disappeared …so I think importing process it’ ended…

Hi @Rzzmrz – are you still having an issue here? We’ve heard a few reports of this, but we’re still looking into the issue.

If you’re still having this issue, can you let @vova and I know, and we’ll follow up and get some more information from you.



@vova @mike yes some problems seems to continue…one example : when this morning I launched Roon…it took 8 minute to be ready…than when the first screen finally appear…the spinner was running with details like : file exporter ok , file copying for import ok, adding music to library : of 5383 0 added 0 identified…and seems that this last process appears every time I launch Roon…another question: how can I see my playlist I created on Tidal? If I’m trying to see that trough Roon Playlist feature …it,s takes a long time…and the result is messy…probably because it’s looking also at iTunes playlist…thanks for your support and thanks to having gave me some more time to evaluate Roon