MacBook Pro (Thunderbolt 3) and DSD playing problem

In 2015, I’ve bought this DAC Pioneer A U-05
I used it with an old Mac Book Air, bought in 2012 and I had no problem reading DSD files. They were correctly displayed as DSD on the DAC screen and the sound in my headphone was absolutely correct.
A few months ago, I’ve bought a Mac Book Pro, which has no USB port, but 4 Thunderbolt connectors.
Thus I use an Apple adaptor : Thunderbolt 3 to USB-A, which is connected to the USB cable attached to the Pioneer.
This USB cable is the same as the one I’ve used for years with the Mac Book Air.
Now, when I try reading DSD on the Mab Book Pro I just hear a sound like a “purr” and the files are seen as PCM.
Pioneer DAC never received firmware update and Pioneer is not going to update it in the future. It’s too old.
The DAC was provided with a soft to install on the Mac Book Air, but it’s obsolete and I can’t install it on the Mac Book Pro.
Is there a way on ROON side to manage this situation please ?
Thanks beforehand for your feedback.

Hi @PhD69,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Signal Path when you try to output DSD content to this zone?

Hello @PhD69,

According to Pioneer’s documentation, DSD playback requires use of a software driver on macOS.


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