MacBook Pro Windows 10 (Boot Camp) Always Fixed Volume

Roon Core Machine

NUC10i3FNHN, i3-10110U, 8GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Draytec Vigor 2926ac. Ethernet connections

Connected Audio Devices

Hegel H120 integrated amplifier, ethernet connection.
MacBook Pro running Boot Camp, Windows 10, WiFi connection.
Roon v1.8 (build 935)

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Music is normally listened to through my Hegel H120 amplifier. No problems. Sublime. Occasionally however I want to listen to music on my MacBook in another room when working. I mostly am working in a Windows 10 environment using Boot Camp. When I launch Roon and go into settings > Audio I see the sound card listed as Cirrus Logic CS8409 (AB 57) WASAPI. No matter what settings I use the music always plays at a fixed volume (too loud unfortunately). I have updated the drivers and tried the ‘Work around devices that misreport capabilities’ but nothing changes.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice please?

Try using System Output under Windows and see if that allows you volume control.

Unsure of what you are referring to with ‘System Output’. The volume control for the internal speakers, Cirrus Logic CS8409 (AB 57), is enabled and can be adjusted in the Sound Control Panel but has no effect on the volume when playing music with Roon. Adjusting the volume slider in the Toolbar at the bottom of the screen has no effect until the slider reaches 0 and then the sound mutes.

Hi Chris,

I was just asking if instead of the Cirrus Logic Wasapi option, do you have the same volume control limitation if you choose the System Output as shown above circled in red.

Curiously that now works. Good suggestion, thank you. When I tried the System Output option before, after clicking the Play button Roon would immediately skip to the end of the track and then go to the next track and then immediately skip to the end… until the end of the album! However, it now works.

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