MacBook Pro with Roon Remote looses connection

I have installed Roon server 1.2 on a QNAP NAS (i5, 8GB). So, Roon and my music library are located on the NAS. As remote I use Roon control on a MacBook Pro. NAS is connected to the router via a patch cable (LAN). Macbook is connected via wifi.
All recent builds are installed.
Roon endpoint is a Sonore microRendu.

unfortunately Roon control on my MacBook loses connection to Roon server very often, normally after the screen of the Macbook went dark.

Could anybody provide a solution for this problem?

Thank you,

make sure its just screen blank and not going to sleep…check under the energy settings in system prefs

Everything is already set up as you recommend. Mac including his hard disks is not allowed to go to sleep.
Sometimes my Mac is able to reconnect to Roon after a blank screen, sometimes not. My subjective impression: in 50% of all cases a reconnection is not successful. The longer the screen of my Macbook stays blank the more likely a failure in reconnection is.

Thank you for your help.

In your Mac, under Settings/Security & Privacy/Advanced, make sure these boxes are unchecked.

This worked for me to keep Mac (Mini & iMac) from sleeping and logging out.

Hope this helps.

My settings in this window already look like yours.

Thanks for your hint !