Macbookpro out nucleus/sonictransporter in

See here for yourself:

yes, but it is 1 click on web ui after you install the drive.

if you have the money to spend, a 4tb ssd is ideal because it is silent and it fits.

Thanks Danny,
Could you or anyone suggest search criteria for the 4 tb ssd and hdd’s so I can check out prices here in Australia. I’m not sure what to search for. Are there brands that I should be looking for ? As I said, I’ve never needed to open up a computer and install anything.
Also, Does the nucleus need to be ethernet connected to the router for streaming from tidal, updates etc, ie, does the nucleus have wifi capabilites?
Apologies for these lame questions.
Thanks James

James 4TB drives are not many for SSD and perhaps HDD might be OK but heights need to be checked…I think the max in 9.5mm 2.5" only formats of course

Ideally use Ethernet

Hi Wizard,
Prior to your post I was checking out 4tb ssd prices. I don’t know if I was looking at correct types but at a little less than $2,000 for a Samsung 850 evo 2.5 inch sata Iii, I think I may take a look at the hdd prices. The nucleus would be sitting right in the listening area but hopefully noise wouldn’t be an issue. As mentioned before, my listening area has background noise from the sea anyway, but obviously I don’t want appreciable extra fan noise etc. I imagine it would be no worse than the macbookpro fan which kicks in now and then which it would be replacing.
Is the drive I am searching for a 2.5 inch internal drive. Would that search pull up what I need, be it ssd or hdd.I can’t seem to see it’s details on the nucleus site. Does that sort of money sound about right for the ssd drive?

Yes a 2.5" is the only size that will fit but the height I think is limited to 9.5mm which most drives are (or 7mm for the thinner models which works of course) but larger TB drives can be 12-15mm so keep that measurement in check on the specs

2.5" HDD drives are pretty quiet anyway so I wouldn’t think the drive noise would be an issue enclosed in the Nucleus.

I have a lot (18 x 3.5") of spinning drives in my listening area and seldom is my attention drawn to them. Most are 2-3m from where I sit. 2 NAS setups with 8 and 2 drives, 2 x 4 bay RAID drives and find more issues with the fans and room aircon and ceiling fans then drive access noise.

Note that this is temporary in my listening area … I would love the sound of the sea to be an issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, it’s a real privilige to live here and a complete first world audio problem.

the crows bother me when I’m back in oz… that and 5:45AM sunrises :persevere:

I have a 2.5" HDD in my fanless Rock system and cannot hear it at all.

Thanks Tony. Good to know.
It’s the black cockatoos here Wizard.

I’m seeing Western digital, Seagate , Toshiba etc hdd’s. Are any to be preferred…or more importantly avoided, for this particular task?

Many would say use WD and avoid Seagate. I am not one of them.

Can someone suggest suitable 3tb or 4 tb hdd for the nucleus. I can’t find any 9.5 mm or less. All seem to be 15mm.

Ok…on further reading it looks like max. Hdd size is 2 tb and 4 tb for SSD. If that’s the story, looks like I’m back to an external usb drive or a really expensive internal SSD as I need more than 2tb storage.
I did read this from last year which is confusing and I’m assuming turned out not to be the case…

Well I did say I think… @danny will be the one to reconfirm one way or the other.

I’m going on the Nucleus installation document which indicates

Step 1: Make sure you have everything
2.5" HDD or SSD with a drive height of 7mm or 9mm
4 black screws
4 silver screws*
2 hard drive rails*

We ran into a small issue and the 15mm drives didn’t fit due to production error.

This will be fixed in 2019

Thanks Danny,
So will current nucleus designs be able to accomodate the larger drives in the 2019 fix?

Thanks wizard, yep, I saw all that. I just wasn’t aware until further reading re. Current capacities of the 2.5 inch drives, 9.5mm and less thickness. As I mentioned I need a larger drive than 2 tb so looks like internal hdd’s are not an option for me ,at present.

No, and it’s not 100% clear the 2019 revision will have the fix either. There are both power issues and size issues. We are working on it, but no promises.

Many N+ owners are putting 4tb SSDs into their units to keep them completely silent.

Thanks Danny.

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