Machines updated to Mojave, now having problems with MacBook

I am now after three years a life time member. However its clear to me and other semi competent computer users that you will not expand your membership base unless you get away from the pure geekery and provide clear instructions for normal users when they have issues. A .pdf guide is the first step…and if you need to update it regularly then update it.
my issue; i have a very simple set up. my iMac in one room is my core. i have a MacBook in another room connected to the internet. This is my endpoint ?

they worked well until i updated both machines to Mojave.

Now when playing music on the iMac the MacBook will not play. however if i play music on the MacBook it will play on the iMac.

i try to configure devices and neither machine will display anything…just spinning around searching.

please give me a simple guide in plain english to allow my iMac to send music to my MacBook so they both play at the same time.

douglas bayley

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The online User Guide in the Knowledge Base is Roon’s attempt to provide clear instructions as to setup. It is updated dynamically.

How do you think it could be improved ?

Using the forum format for support can be problematic in that a search can yield nothing or a dozen different discussions for seemingly the same issue. Finding a way to bind that information together might be helpful. Perhaps a way to search on posts tagged as a fix for the search word Mojave?

Or in this very specific case a deeper involvement in the Beta activities of the OS by the dev team allowing them to suggest how to proceed with an update.

Hi @douglas_bayley ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is always appreciated and sorry to hear of the frustrations.

Can you please provide me with a screenshot of the “general” screen from both the iMac computer and the MacBook?

(Path in Roon: “settings” > “general”)



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yes its the same problem. I posted the screenshots by replying to your email.
I am now at the stage that both my iMac and MacBook share the same music. The iMac being the core - and it plays music through the speakers. The MacBook shows the same music as playing but i get no sound. If i switch to iTunes - music plays as normal.
Why am i getting no sound output ?

I’m definitely no expert, but are you setting your MacBook as the output? Are trying to output the same music from your iMac and MacBook at the same time? If so try grouping them together with the “group zones” facility.

Hi @douglas_bayley ---- Thank you for getting in touch with me. A few things moving forward…

It sounds like you had responded to “support” notification e-mail that you receive when a support team member responds to a thread on the community site. This would explain why I never got the screenshots.

Kindly post them “here” in your forthcoming response by either:

  1. Dragging and dropping the picture into the body of your post.


  1. You can click the “image” icon at the top of the “reply” box as seen here in my screenshot: