MacMini as Core - how to connect to a Baetis Reference Server and DAC

Hi All,

I am using a 2018 Mac Mini as Roon Core on my desk and which until now I have been using on a headphone and amp system connected directly to a DAC through USB.

Separately I have a Baetis Reference Server - a Windows based PC which is currently running JRiver with an external hard drive that is connected to this server. The Baetis is connected to my DAC (and is some distance away from the Roon Core) and this DAC feeds my two channel audio system.

My question and apologies if it is a basic one, if I want to connect the Baetis Reference Server to the Roon Core so that I can use Roon instead of JRiver going forward to play all my music, what would be the best way to do this? Essentially I need Roon Core on my MacMini to communicate with the Baetis Reference Server so that it can then send the signal through the DAC. I guess the alternative would be to move the Core from the MacMini to the Baetis Server but I would prefer to maintain Core on the MacMini.

Thank you


Since Baetis advertises that it runs WIN10 software, load Roon Bridge onto the Baetis and it will show up as an endpoint for the Core on your Mini.

Also one other question, can I maintain the external hard drive with music files connected to the Baetis or should that external drive be connected to the Core Mac Mini?

Thank you. I will try tonight!

If you have an interface to the WIN10 on the Baetis, then go into Windows and set the drive to be Shared. If you Share the drive from the Baetis, then it must be left on when you want to access the drive, obviously.

If you connect the drive to your Mini, where the Core is, then you can more easily(?) update with new music.

For the purposes of Roon it doesn’t matter which method you choose.

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