MacMini Server works with WiFi not Ethernet

I can’t get my core (headless Macmini) to be identified by any Roon controllers when attached to Ethernet, but works fine when the core is using WiFi. My transport, USBridge, is hardwired, along with Linksys Velop, and MiniMac to the same router. Shouldn’t they all be on the same network? I understand this is a hardware/networking issue but any help is appreciated.

Can you find the IP address of the Mac Mini when on Ethernet, as well as the IP address of the controllers? It could be that the Velop is creating a separate subnet for wifi, in which case the Roon controllers would not find the core on Ethernet: everything in a Roon setup must be on the same subnet.

Fernando, yes the Velop is making that change and thank you for pointing me in the right direction. At quick search showed a couple of fixes. I’m looking forward to getting this hardwired. Best, Dave

Update- setting Velop as a bridge fixed issue

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