Macmini -> Sotm sMS-200 direct connection


My actual setup is: MacMini Roon Server → (usb) → Audio-GD DI20 → (i2s) → R8 DAC → etc…
I’m thinking to add a Sotm SMS-200 as end-point in order to separate the core roon library and the output component. The question is: do is possible to connect the MacMini and Sotm SMS-200 directly with the ethernet (without a router)? Maybe configuring a static ip for the sotm interface (if possible). Have you some advises for this setup?

Many thanks, bye

I’m mostly curious as to why? You would need a second network adapter (The WLAN?) to provide Internet access (at least occasionally) and a method to control playback, unless your Mini runs the full Roon and has a display and keyboard attached.
I haven’t tried this myself, as i can’t see a good reason too, but it’s most likely possible.
Any gains? Debatable… :slight_smile:

Basically because I have no ethernet connection near to the hifi workstation. Play is controlled over wifi via Roon Server installed on the MacMini.

Maybe you will need a Ethernet cross cabel to connect both devices directly or a little Ethernet 4 port switch to connect both devices. And you must give both devices a static ip-adress.