macOS 10.12.4 / QTS 4.3.3 / Roon 1.3 (build 223) SMB bug & workaround

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I was admittedly overconfident and upgraded macOS (from 10.12.3 -> 10.12.4) running on a late 2012 Mac Mini (16 GB RAM, 2x1 TB HDD) and QTS (from 4.2.x [sorry, I forget the tiny version, maybe 5?] to 4.3.3) on my QNAP HS-210. Roon promptly lost access to the NAS. The Mac itself had no problem mounting the NAS via Finder, and everything worked as expected that way.

Roon was saying (IIRC, apologies for lacking a screen shot): DriveNotReady under the Storage tab of Settings. In the Finger with a window open on the folder that Roon does its private SMB mounts, I could see the folder repeatedly appearing and disappearing.

Workaround: If I use the NAS’ IP address to mount it (e.g., \\x.y.z.w\music), rather than its name, everything works just fine. Given that my DHCP server is set to give the NAS the same address every time, I won’t have problems.

Has anyone else seen similar behavior?


macOS and name resolution is temperamental to say the least.

Were you using NASNAME.local when entering the share name? I finally got annoyed enough by it I brought up a DNS server.

No, I was just using an unqualified name (e.g. \\QNAP…). Roon had been happy that way since 1.3 launched.

Note: the forum software seems to turn consecutive backslashes into a single backslash, but lets a single backslash straight through. You see the bug in my above two posts, but I’m not going to spend time on it. :slight_smile:


Escaping the backslashes with a third will display as two. I’ve updated your posts.

Alternatively wrap the text within a code tag.

[code] \\NASNAME\music [/code]

I believe there’s an issue, with “special” characters, affecting QTS 4.3.3 when accessed by macOS :neutral_face:

not having issues accessing my NAS (via SMB/Bonjour) but found some folders with " or ü in their name looking fine in Qnap’s File Station but being renamed to some nonsense stuff when mounted by macOS :rolling_eyes:

“special character” looks to be anything not just plain alphanumerical :rage: