macOS Catalina interface laggy randomly while running Roon (High GPU usage randomly, Roon idle 20% GPU, sometimes up to 99% usage) [Resolved in Roon 1.8]

@Dylan @noris anything guys? its been too long and since the issue was acknowledged there has been 0 updates, any hope of fix in the next release?

Hi @mavmcl,

Our QA team is testing a potential fix from our development team. It’s a bit too early in the testing to know if this will resolve things for good or when a change will become available, but we continue to make progress here. I appreciate you reaching out!

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Hi @Dylan Appreciate you replied back, thanks for the update.

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Hi @Dylan @noris another 12 days have past since your last reply, how is this going? any update or communication from the devs?
I am expecting this fix/update more than the covid vaccine! when is it going to be available?

Hi @Dylan @noris, guys another 19 days since your last response, among many companies the QA process to test a change or release takes 4-6 weeks I won’t start counting how many weeks have past but it is taking very long.
Is there an update?

Sorry for the delayed response, @mavmcl. After your last post I was waiting on an update from the team and we finally had a chance to discuss this morning.

I do have some good news, though, which is that we have changes coming that are in the final stages of testing. So far testing has seemed promising in some of the test cases we’ve seen and so we are interested to see how things perform for you after the update.

I can’t give any specific date just yet as there are a number of other changes coming in this release as well which are all being tested. We hope to be able to release soon, though, as long as nothing comes up in testing to cause more time to be needed.

We’ll be sure to reach out soon about this. Thanks!


that is great to hear @Dylan, many thanks!!! will be cmd+r the releases forum page every minute during the upcoming days LOL.

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" * Experimental changes to potentially address high CPU / GPU usage on certain MacOS devices" !!!

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@noris @Dylan thanks for helping guys, I will test and reply back.


I discovered a useful feature for the Roon community forum where it is possible to trigger email notification for a new topic generated in a particular category.

If you navigate to the Software Release Notes topic (or any other topic), there is an option in the right side menu to enable email notification for any new topic opened.

Then you’ll get an email whenever a new version of Roon is released containing the contents of the Release Notes post for that version.

yeah I had it, still was desperate enough to continue cmd+r lol

Also testing the update with crossed fingers! Currently testing the interface that has had the biggest resource impact (Album Detail Page) and CPU is around 15-20% and GPU is hovering about 45-50%.
So given the changes were experimental I think we can’t expect a full fix (as especially GPU is still quite high) but, for the last 5-10 mins at least, it hasn’t gone any higher on my Macbook Pro 2020 running the remote. So I think we are on the right track!

I’ll replicate it on Mac Pro 2013 and report back.

Regardless, thanks for the ongoing efforts and attempt to address this issue guys! @dylan @noris



testing with the Roon remote in full screen in the iMac 27 2019, still behaving after 10 mins of clicking around.

had a 41.7% spike while browsing an artist page, got back to overview, looking good:

On the Remote (MBPro '20, 3440x1440 screen):

  • GPU stable around 40-45%, CPU ~15% when Roon is maximised on a Desktop space looking at Album Detail Page
  • Interaction like scrolling up and down the page brings GPU to 55-60% max

On the Core (MacPro '13, 2304x1296 HiDPI):

  • GPU stable around 11-12%, CPU ~7% when Roon is maximised on a Desktop space looking at Album Detail Page
  • Interaction like scrolling up and down the page brings GPU to 30-35% max

Peaks are scrolling up and down while the album is playing.

Additional stable GPU impact/demand figures from the Remote on idle:

  • Overview page : 0%
  • Artist Detail Page : 0-5%
  • Album Detail Page: 35-45%
  • Albums (start of the list, 80 albums showing on a single page): 20-30%
  • Artists (start of the list, 60 artists showing on a single page): 20-30%
  • Now Playing: 0%
  • Queue:15-20%
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Very similar to what I am seeing here, haven’t been able to break it, I did tried full screen and maximized window, still stable.

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One very curious thing is, the moment the album that’s playing finishes and radio starts, (or you are just looking at a different Album Detail page than the one playing) the Album Detail page GPU consumption drops to 0-2%, CPU consumption more than halves… So this resource is only required when that album you are looking at its detail page is playing…
Why though?
This makes me think there’s some sort of feedback loop required to see if the track highlighted (+ a tiny animation) needs to change maybe? Because that’s the most obvious thing different between these cases. Why would it need that much resource to do that is a question for Roon fellows though…

Regardless, my confidence levels are increasing with every minute that I may not have to baby Roon app any more (maybe I still need to if I’m on battery on Remote) to make sure it’s not going to damage my hardware if left to itself on the Core.

Great work, Roon team! Your continuous open comms about the assumption raised above would still be appreciated :slight_smile:


yeah… if you just want it to go down to 0-5% GPU usage just go to the overview page.
I feel this is normal enough!

hope this gets ported to further releases so we won’t face the issue anymore.
once again thanks @noris @Dylan

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I’m looking at 50% GPU usage with Roon B610 on Macbook Pro 13" 2020. Consistently happens in the album details view, but I’ve seen it on pretty much any screen when music is playing.

Good to hear it’s not only my MBP 13" 2020. I have a suspicion it’s the animation when the page needs to display a now playing indicator next to the playing track.

As a reference, using the Macbook Pro 13" 2016 as a remote simultaneously, shows only ~ 11% GPU usage. The 4 year old laptop with integrated graphics is using 5x less gpu.

looks like the GPU usage was throttled somehow to acceptable levels, in my case 0-41.7% spikes depending of the context page I am browsing, if compared to the resource usage of other of my Mac computers, Roon still needs extra optimization for some particular HW.

At least I am happy now that I can use it in full screen without having to worry about the GPU issue.