macOS Catalina’s new security model broke Roon - how does this happen?

Thanks, I’ve run into some really sharp folks in tech, and some who may have been new. The last rep was definitely in a learning stage. With so many of those jobs being in the California Bay Area, you’d think pay would need to be sufficient to live in proximity.

I very disappointed with Roon in regard to the Catalina upgrade. I have spent a lot of money upgrading my system and aiming (of course) to optimise the digital chain as best I can. One of these decisions was buying a new specced up I7 Mac Mini (core) and use an external SSD as my library into the MAC. I use SOTM SMS-200 Neo, SOTM Cat 7 ethernet, Uptone Regen, curious cables, separate power supplies etc upstream of core and library. Previously my QNPA NAS had library. SSD is better for sound and speed in my experience/opinion. Sounds fantastic. Much of my spending has been prompted since my discovery of Roon. I ditched my Cambridge Audio CXN setup and built in large part around Roon. Thinking I would probably end up going lifetime.

Now I either ditch Roon, do not upgrade to the new OS or settle for an inferior library set up. I resent that my OS upgrade cannot happen because of Roon. I am missing the benefits of a new OS upgrade if I stick with my set up, perhaps the most disappointing aspect and a warning for a lifetime upgrade proceeding.

There seems to be little interest from Roon in regard to this matter. I have been exploring the potential of options such as Audionirvana (so much cheaper! and some say better & has Tidal) but I still want Roon. I love the software and interface. But if this isn’t fixed I don’t think I will have much choice.


I think this is a case of merely delaying your Catalina upgrade. I’ve upgraded to Catalina and had to use a core workaround. Hopefully Roon fixes this sooner rather than later. This is more of a bump in the road versus driving off a cliff.

Also, Audirvana is an excellent program. DMG Audio has some sweet plug ins for it. It works well for my office system. It’s a little quirky over the network.

I don’t know much about MacOS or Catalina, but I know that Roon are actively working to resolve Catalina issues. A delay in upgrading is annoying, but I expect that restoring functionality for those who have lost it is an interrupt priority.

I wouldn’t know because I have seen no response from Roon on this issue (external HDD non recognition). When you charge a premium fee (as Roon does) then expectations change. If this was an Audionirvana issue I would be more forgiving as I would have paid a lot less and already have a lifetime licence.


Then you haven’t been reading many Catalina threads:

That took me 5 seconds to find. There are more and older…


No I haven’t, thanks and congratulations on finding it in “5 seconds flat”.

What I find particularly interesting about this discussion is the way some people use the “p-word” to express feelings of anger and frustration. Where I grew up (Woking, a town in northwest Surrey, England), “pissed” used to mean “drunk” and “pissed off” used to mean “angry/aggressive”. I’m starting to think that using the former in the sense of the latter is becoming more and more common in British English, too. When I was a teenager (in the 1980s), only speakers of American English would have said things like “I’m pissed at Roon/Apple”. Times are changing…

(I’m saying this as a Brit who moved to Germany about 20 years ago…)


You noted you were a teenager a long time ago but this has been normal lingo for a long time now… at least among Brits, Aussies and Americans I’ve worked with… even some of my German friends when I worked in Stuttgart…

I’m sure it has.:joy:

Please see my ‘smug’ post a few days ago. BTW I never actually told my wife the real price of the Nucleus but felt I had to tell her something to put her off the scent of all the saxophones she doesn’t realise I have,

Eminently sensible.


Why anyone in his right mind would upgrade to Catalina right out of the gate simply eludes me. Would anyone upgrade to the the latest Windows feature update on day 1 without reading forums first? Get real, guys.


People may have different reasons for an early upgrade. Some of us, firmly located in the Apple ecosystem, would want all their devices - iOS and MacOS - to work seamlessly, while taking advantage of some of the features that may be essential for some of us.
In any way, this misses the main point, stated here more than once: Roon is a premium service with a premium price tag and subscription model. It is Roon’s responsibility to make it work. (Or, at the very least, to offer individual apologies and rebates.)
BTW, several MacOS software developers sent their customers prior messages directly with updates about Catalina. Audirvana was one of those. Roon do not even indicate compatibility on their download page post factum.


Ok, but major upgrades still remain a case of Caveat Emptor. And doing them without a means to roll back is just not the way to do them.

Yes, Roon could have been more forthcoming in this case, but I don’t think >120 posts over a week’s time on this single subject are appropriate.

Quite frankly I have given up on any of these “premium” services to be anything approaching customer centric. They simply can’t afford it. If anything they are investor centric. In my view Roon is one of the better ones, namely through the use of this forum. The Roon developers are at least present here and if one exercises due diligence and looks for information (before doing a major upgrade for example), one usually finds it.
Try that with Office 365 or Windows in general. You’ll meet a wall of concrete.


It is not a good excuse for poor service IMO.

It was not an excuse. It was an explanation.

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I’m not affected as I run ROCK but I don’t understand why some keep defending roon here. Roon waited until after the final release before they started looking into any issues … again. This really is not the first time this happens. Every time there’s an OS update roon seems to be caught by surprise.They should be honest about it and inform their customers upfront. I’ve received several emails from roon with new partners and such but none whatsoever warning not to update to Catalina.

It’s been a full week since Catalina came out. An update to fix these issue is long overdue in my opinion.


Well I can’t use the media keys anymore on my macbook pro…so yes

This misses the ‘subscription’ point. I have a Qobuz subscription and a sizeable collection of LPs. That’s enough to fill my days with music. However, with subscription model, I am also paying for each of these days without Roon working as advertised.