macOS Catalina’s new security model broke Roon - how does this happen?

Does it sound better than Roon?

Imo the audio is slightly better but the interface and functionality of Roon is far superior.

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With ‚it‘ do you mein Audirvana? If so: I find Audirvana a bit politer, less edgy and bright than Roon. So soundwise, yes, I do prefer Audirvana. I also like it better than my Aurender N100.

But Audirvana‘s GUI is miles away from Roon!

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DMG Audio makes some great plug ins for Audirvana. I use EQuick.

It seems for the time being I’ve found a workaround. I have removed the HD that contains my music library from my MacMini which runs the RoonCore and have attached it to the the iMac in my office and have added it as an smb Network Share… it’s loading my library as I type. Hopefully this work until the USB HD fix.

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Catalina completely revamped the iTunes database. In fact, there is no more iTunes app – a new Music app. iTunes original design was not intended for the enormous libraries that are commonplace today. A shared XML file is lame. Hopefully, Roon will use API hooks into whatever the new Apple Music database is. But really, Apple Music is getting less relevant because of the lo-fi encoding of Apple music offerings. I suspect that Apple will be late to the party with hi-res audio now that Amazon HD is available. Roon needs to keep up with Apple in anticipation of that.

I have equick and use a couple of the presets. I like how it adjusts the eq curve. Tinker with it.

Well, it happened to me too. I should have looked at this forum before upgrading. However, it has not hurt me as much as many of you. I had my HDs in series using a firewire connection. This has not been altered and works just fine. As for many of you though, Roon will not see USB attached storage, or even anything on the desktop.

In a precedent post I indicated that, since the Catalina upgrade, a lot of cover art was now missing in my new iTiunes. I have left iTunes running for several days and the missing cover art is not loading. Does anybody else have this problem? I am now concerned that my iTunes music files (1.7 terabytes) may have been affected by the new iTunes so that it might not just be a question of waiting for a fixed Roon.

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I have just checked the concerned songs by going into the tags, and the cover art is missing there too. The situation is worse than I thought. I now am beginning to believe that I may have to re-rip all of my CD’s …

One doesn’t need to re-rip to add cover art. You might try the Illustrate program “PerfectTunes”. It can automatically add high quality artwork. In a recent use of the program adding art to about 11,000 tracks, it was about 90% correct. Illustrate is the maker of the popular ripping program, dbpoweramp. See:

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Just wondering if those of you having problems with Catalina all were syncing your iTunes libraries with Roon? Since Apple Music destroyed my library TWICE I quit using it as my main music software. All my music is on an external drive, copied to another external which is connected to Nucleus. The only music I put in iTunes is the music I want on my iPhone. I do not have Roon connected to an iTunes library. Even w/out Catalina, the latest IOS update has ruined the artwork on my phone. Let’s face it, Apple wants us to use Apple Music and stream. An extensive, well curated music library is not a concern of theirs. At all. That said as a test I loaded Catalina onto my macbook pro, added about 60 albums to the library, and all loaded fine with correct artwork. But no way am I updating my main machine until at least a few more updates to the OS

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I am at Version 10.15 and decided I couldn’t stand it, I had to have some tunes.

My computer-savvy nephew put me into Roon, and all the recent talk about Roon/Catalina made me reluctant to get on and try to make music, for fear of making things worse. I am completely futile with e-things more complicated than email.

Knowing this, young Ian brought me to Roon, even though all I wanted is FLAC in an ON/OFF/PLAY/PAUSE mode. When it has played as intended, it has been a true joy, made my music collection a real treasure chest.

Anyway, despite concerns about locking things up and irreparably wrecking the system, I attempted to make some music this morning, and low and behold, the newly released version of Dear Prudence graced the air.

What is hopefully useful to the forum is that I did the update to 10.15 before attempting to enjoy my Roon based library, and…it works like a charm.

Just one example, of course, but perhaps this first fix Apple did removed the wrinkle. Hope so.


Is a fix for the Problem in sight?


Amarra Luxe on Catalina with external drive works just fine. I forgot how good Amarra sounds!

Just sayin

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Andy, mercifully, I am not affected by this problem but this, once again, highlights the ongoing failure of the Roon Team to keep their customers informed. The community is “littered” with public criticism of the Roon team and the lack of communication on some quite significant issues for end users.

I have spent 35 years in the communication business and have to say that Roon, at present, are following in the footsteps of bad practice. The technologists need to change practice or employ a communication specialist before irreparable damage done.

Rant over, best. Paul


Part of the reason I know Roon are working on it is because they have said so.

Would a daily message saying: “Still working on it, no timeframe as yet” somehow be more reassuring ?

Folks might say they want a timetable, but the nature of development and testing is that any timetable is inevitably a hostage to fortune.


Working on a fix and communicating properly shouldn’t be 2 different things. I would have liked to see an email from Roon about incompatibility issue of Catalina…instead of list of gears that are Roon ready every month.


Would you also like to get emails about Windows, Linux, Android and iOS potential incompatibilities ?