macOS Catalina’s new security model broke Roon - how does this happen?

Same problem accessing my music on an external drive and backing-up roon database - frustrating to say the least

Client satisfaction is top priority, we all know that and I am very surprised that Roon does not consider it.

As a company I would prepare, prepare, prepare, see, and preempt what are coming,…

Media keys aren’t working either.

Even if the Roon devs ran Roon successfully on the Prerelease versions of Catalina, Apple has a nasty habit of introducing last minute changes that break things. The company I work for also makes Mac software, and it’s the same story there. It’s Apple’s fault, really. The sensible thing to do is hold off any large macos updates until your favorite software is certified to run on it. Guess the fanboys never learn😛


How does it happen? Simple - when you upgrade without checking this forum first.


Maybe Roon, should’ve put a little bit of effort and maybe send out an email of potential issues with macCatalina, rather than just emails promoting some new manufacture that is Roon Ready that I get fairly often. Saying customers need to go to a forum is a cop out IMO.


Aaaaargh, too late here. My music library (not iTunes) is on an external drive, so now the wait for a fix :cold_sweat:

I don not think any excuse is good enough. If Roon is unable to make it work with the MacOS Catalina in time, at least they would have sent some warnings a couple of days before the official MacOS release.

Having said that,I still like Roon, just a little disappointed.


@philr Duh, that message was published a day after Catalina was released…

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I’m surprised how many of you appear to be new

Would like to add that I run a NUC ROCK and not on my MacBook Pro. If there are problems with Catalina, as I’m sure there are, I have not experienced any yet.

I find it unacceptable that a 500 USD software program stops working after upgrade of one of the major operating systems; and not even a warning prior to the release that it would not work. After all, the hard disk issue in Catalina has been known for months and has been fixed in all other programs I run, including e.g., Audirvana. In fact, I have now returned to Audirvana and I am quite happy with that, although I regret spending the 500 USD.


No personal attack, please.
We are here because we do like Roon, and we want Roon to be successful.

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100% no excuses for Roon on this, just laziness… I’m back using Audirvana and although the UI / iPad remote is not as great an experience, I must say the sound quality is definitely superior sounding to my ears.

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Every once in a while something works out right. Yesterday I got my new iMac and I decided to put Roonserver on my old machine. My old machine cannot run Catalina. I moved to Catalina on the new iMac but because I am accessing my external USB drive through my old machine (not running Catalina) everything works fine. Like I said, every once in a while…

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Absolutely, I also find (to my surprise) that Audirvana sounds far superior.

I have no problem. (Mac Mini/3T HDD/Firewire). Can’t say what the situation might be with USB or Ethernet connection.

I’m firmly entrenched in the Apple ecosystem with 4 macs, 2 iPads, an iPhone and countless iPods. Apple are complete morons, they have no regards for anything but their own profit. If I could escape their grasp easily I would do so immediately. Their software is flakey at best, breaks a bunch of software every time they release something and has functionality appropriate for a preschooler.

Catalina broke a heap of my software, the music app now doesn’t allow you to do any management of devices and now stops anything 32 bit working altogether.

Just try copying anything from one device to another in Music. You can’t even copy your playlists across, all in the attempt to lock you into their crappy music service.

Glad it’s free or it would be a ripoff. One day I’ll set aside a week to migrate.


Anytime new software rolls out there can be bugs. I’ve had several programs go belly up. Guess what, Audirvana’s a great program and works great. I own it too; I use it at the my office listening station frequently. I’m in the same boat with the Catalina upgrade on Roon and my iMac Core. Today, I moved Roon Core onto an older Sony Windows laptop, and everything works just fine. If you have a laptop, migrate the core to the Windows world. So I’m good until Roon patches things up, which will be soon I’m sure. @Elling_Jacobsen Lastly, If you really believe Audirvana is vastly superior to Roon with respect to sound quality, I’d stick with it…if you have good equipment, you want to best sound potential offered. The interface is a secondary kind of thing to the music.

Also learned something from this debacle. My iMac desktop will work as a remote for the Sony Windows laptop. So the laptop can stay tucked out of the way, and the iMac can be the controller, similar to if I were using an iPad. The Sony is listed as the core on the iMac.

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