macOS Catalina’s new security model broke Roon - how does this happen?

Who was talking about an iOS update? There was a macOS Catalina update a few days ago…

am seriously considering the purchase of a Nucleus which will serve as my Roon core (even if I have no use for its network functions) … apologies if these last posts are drifting slightly off the main topic of this post …

@Speed_Racer : apologies - I meant a Catalina update

Now that I have a dedicated server, I don’t know how or why I used my every day desktop system as my Roon core. I guess I didn’t want to spend the money on a server. Nor did I want to manage a Linux-based OS. The server I bought was not overly inexpensive but it is a bargain in my mind. It made Roon much better to use as the status of my desktop system no longer matters.

I would seriously consider the Small Green Computer sonicTransporter family of servers instead. They are less expensive and offer more speed and flexibility to the user. Updates are easy to manage via a web page. I currently have a sonicTransporter i5 and it has been bullet proof and easy to use. I have been using HQPlayer with it to great positive effect.

I am probably going to upgrade to the sonicTransporter i9 because I am doing more with DSD and DSD upsampling that I thought I would. The sonicTransporter i5 does not have the power to use the filters and noise shapers I want to use now.

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Definitely agree. If anyone is serious about Roon, a small investment in a dedicated server will hugely improve the overall user experience. Lots of options at lots of price points out there, I use a 250€ NUC.

I agree that this is a serious issue. My Nucleus+ is on loan to a client and I upgraded to Catalina yesterday without knowing about this issue. I have had to resort to using J River Media player to listen to my music library, and the sonic downgrade is not very enjoyable.
I hope the developers take this issue very seriously and fix the issue with storage not being visible to the Roon macOS app under Catalina.


Wow, threatening to leave will surely make them work faster to fix it. It’s been known about for weeks during the beta cycle (first report I found was in June!).

You made a full backup first, right?

Simply restore and next time read a bit before installing MAJOR OS updates that may break apps you count on…


I am also having this problem. My library, kept on external drive, will not load.

They did! A post was made over two days ago by @mike. See the second post in this thread.

Same problem for me, can’t play anything using Roon on my Linn Akurate DSM and iMac with the latest OS Catalina. Hoping for a fast fix here. Thanks, Johannes

Now it’s working for me - all good! Thanks Roon!

Lucky you, no change where I am.

Did you receive an update? I am still receiving the “error loading folder/unauthorized message”. Thank you.

I’m still getting same message as before.

If Roon have issued an update can someone please tell where it is, because it’s obvious to me that the staff at Roon or not going to say anything.

Also someone posted that Roon had issued a statement re the problem. Again I received no notofication.

Not at all - I tried to press Play during the afternoon and suddenly everything everything worked out as it should. Kind of weird and I hope you and everyone else will get this solved quick.

Hi @Stephen_Farndale1,

There has been no new updates on this issue at this time. As soon as there is any news, we will make an additional announcement on the thread that @mikeb linked. Thanks!

Since updating to macOS Catalina, Roon is not allowing me to be able to back up to my external hard drive. I get a “Unauthorized” error which is odd since the disk is not encrypted. I am 99% sure it is formatted properly too.

Thanks for the help!

Be better. All your posts about this issue seem kinda not warranted, and if you don’t have an issue, no need for your 2 cents.

My two cents, Roon has all their subscribers email addresses. They also know what version of Roon we subscribe to. How much does it cost to send the Mac users a heads up? Nothing but the good faith they’ve lost by not being proactive.

I copied all my music files to a local HD and am listening to my music. Took all night to copy.