macOS Catalina’s new security model broke Roon - how does this happen?

On the 28th of June Roon had knowledge of the problems with external USB disc access on Catalina beta (see forum). That’s FOUR months ago! Some serious problems here…

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Yes, I said on this forum a while back that Roon should be testing with beta macOS releases to be aware of what is coming so they could get ahead of issues. @danny, the COO, told me that was a waste of time.

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Fix is out.


Thanks danny.
By hindsight, I think I posted some harsh comments on Roon, for that I sincerely apologize.


Much appreciated

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face::call_me_hand:t2:

That’s great.

Thanks, can we go back to complaining about search now? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Great, update works. Adding the music back to my library!

Before I do anything, I’d like to know if I should install the Catalina point release or the Roon update first?

Hello @Pluto,

It should not matter what order you install the updates in.


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I copied my files to another external drive and mounted the drive on another mac and used SMB to access the music files, Roon worked, it can access remote attached disks, not attached external drives. I just Downloaded the update for Catalina and it worked perfectly. Thanks

Bang on. Upgraded & works great.


Well done!

Everything good now?

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Thank you. Today I chose to update Catalina to the point release. When the download started I walked away. A couple of hours later I checked and Roon was running and asking permission to use external disks and. Voila! Great work. I was pleasantly surprised by the auto install of latest Roon. Thx again,

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While I was waiting after my Catalina upgrade I rediscovered the Roon Radio Paradise feed I setup which was great, but it’s wonderful to get the main attached drive back in service. Many thanks!

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