MacOS Roon app bug report

MacOS Roon App bug report

MacOS: Montery 12.1
Roon: version 1.8 (Buid884)

  1. Multi-screen display, assuming the App is in the second screen. Try to right-click an album, but sometimes it doesn’t work, and you’ll get stuck for a few seconds.

  2. The application crashes when the file is mistakenly dragged to the application interface.

  3. Filter function text box, sometimes because of the rising animation, the pre-filter function is separated.

  4. The operation of album deletion is sometimes unclean. The file and database are not cleared effectively, but the interface indicates that the album has been deleted. Sometimes it’s the other way around, with the interface being left behind and the file being deleted.

  5. In case of abnormal stuck, sometimes repeated can not start, guess is stuck in invalid function point recovery, please start anyway, ignore the working point that can not be restored.

There are still some feature points to add.

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