MacOS: Roon Server slow down randomly with time at any time

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini 2018, CPU 3.2Ghz i7 (6Core),32GB, MacOS 11.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

No Networking Gear, Server and App, On the same computer.

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

400,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Server will become very slow at some point during a period of time, and everything will become very slow. Actions such as opening an album and selecting an album will take 10 seconds, and the CPU occupancy rate is very high. Sometimes it can be restored, sometimes it can’t. I haven’t found the key reason yet.

But when I check log, I find that after server starts, I will actively get unrecognized album information. Why do you have to do this?

Sometimes deletion can trigger this batch recognition, and the process is extremely expensive. I have 7000 albums that are not recognized and may not be recognized in the end. This process takes more than 30 minutes, and CPU takes up a lot of time. This can not effectively identify albums. It will only increase the load of CPU. Can you add relevant control functions that allow manual selection to identify albums instead of running automatically when server is turned on.

Of course, the most important thing is to speculate on the reasons for the high and slow CPU occupancy.


Why didn’t anyone answer?

Why trigger the background to automatically batch identify albums or automatically update the information of identified albums when server starts or during operation? (and there is nothing on UI), this is not suitable for large libraries, the request singleton is linear, it takes a lot of time, the CPU footprint is very high, and the server becomes very slow, so it should not be executed automatically in any case, and it should be left to the user to choose to execute.

This is the log during my use, why should it be executed automatically? If it is so slow, why continue to implement it? The number of albums is 30000 and the unrecognized album is 7000. How long will it take? Excuse me, how can I stop this behavior?

Why do this automatically without the user’s permission? The developer does not take into account the number of albums of the user, and there is no limit on the frequency of requests! Will slow down the server, please add a control button, let the user decide to identify or update, and can be stopped halfway.

Under normal condition, the computer runs Roon very fast, the use experience is very good. It is precisely because of such automatic batch network tasks that it becomes very slow. Please do not try to start or stop this batch task by judging the user behavior, it is unstable, if you can not stop it will consume a lot of computer resources, server itself becomes very slow because of performing additional network tasks. Developers are invited to pay attention to this problem and solve it. It is recommended that this behavior is entirely decided by the user, not automatically.


At this time of year (extended Christmas holidays) Roon’s @support staff are not on duty (or at least there is only a very minimal number of them).

I’m a user just like you, but I’m wondering if this slow performance is down to a DNS issue.

As a test, I would suggest changing your setup to use either:

Cloudflare DNS
Google DNS

In your first post, you said …

That’s not really true as your Mac is connected to the internet by some method and it’s possible that something in the chain is creating a problem. Could you list the equipment used and how they are connected (i.e. Hardwired, Wifi, PowerLine adaptor etc.)


I can understand what you said. I am a computer major and a developer. My way of use is that Core Control coexists in one machine and internal network cards exchange data. As for the interface request, of course, it is sent to the external network, which requires a routed line.

My concern is not that the request slows down, but why the batch task should be performed automatically, why it can’t be stopped, and why it’s not reflected on UI.

My suggestion is to turn it into a UI and let the user choose to execute it, rather than the uncontrollable automation in the background.


Let’s calculate that if I have 8000 unrecognized albums, my execution time would normally be about 100ms, which would take 13 minutes, assuming that by 300ms it would be 39 minutes, and so on.

So this is a topic that has a lot to do with the size of the user base and the speed of the connection.

In any case, a large number of network characters are not allowed by the user, should not be executed automatically and cannot be intervened.

And as far as I can see, the network request component may be problematic, and it will slow down as the number of requests increases, until it becomes very slow, which is a cumulative problem, and it is difficult to replace a core component, which is not the main problem now. Now the core work is to solve how to control batch automatic execution of tasks.

Hi @NNN,

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the delay in getting back to you here, as Carl mentioned, we are working through a bit of a backlog from the holidays.

Thanks for the feedback here. Since this is not a current feature of Roon, I would recommend also posting your suggestion in the Feature Suggestions section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

I wonder if there is something else going on in your Roon logs, can you please upload the full set of logs for review here? You can access Roon logs by using these instructions.



Thank you for your reply. As a new user, I have no idea about the functions of the community. Could you please help me change the post label to the software function area?

I need to use translation software to communicate with you. I wonder whether the above problems are clearly described and understandable?

The above problem, I confirm, exists, and the trigger is unstable, automatic in nature, and is not a UI directly associated control.

In addition, I have rebooted many times because of frequent slowdowns during use, and the log changes quickly because of this frequent printing. Also found a slow start problem, as follows:

You have been asked to send in your roon logs so that your issue can be examined in detail. Your problem is not normal so needs to be looked at.


Hi @NNN,

Have you been able to upload the full log set?

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Roon Core Machine

Macmini 2018
OS 12.1
CPU.: i7 6core 3.2G
Memory: 32G

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

What are these “kart data” and what does “server” mean?
Why does it take 3 minutes?

As I understand it, this is a self-state test for Roon Server,
What I want to know is why it takes 3 minutes.

01/14 01:37:17 Info: Flushing kart data to server
01/14 01:37:18 Debug: server said: 
01/14 01:37:31 Info: [stats] 37887mb Virtual, 2633mb Physical, 1745mb Managed, 41 Threads,  FDs 
01/14 01:37:46 Info: [stats] 38751mb Virtual, 3396mb Physical, 2351mb Managed, 41 Threads,  FDs 
01/14 01:38:01 Info: [stats] 39270mb Virtual, 3959mb Physical, 2737mb Managed, 42 Threads,  FDs 
01/14 01:38:16 Info: [stats] 39962mb Virtual, 4658mb Physical, 3493mb Managed, 41 Threads,  FDs 
01/14 01:38:31 Info: [stats] 40662mb Virtual, 5362mb Physical, 4206mb Managed, 41 Threads,  FDs 
01/14 01:38:46 Info: [stats] 40611mb Virtual, 5279mb Physical, 4207mb Managed, 46 Threads,  FDs 
01/14 01:39:01 Info: [stats] 40921mb Virtual, 5615mb Physical, 4009mb Managed, 46 Threads,  FDs 
01/14 01:39:16 Info: [stats] 41191mb Virtual, 5884mb Physical, 4676mb Managed, 46 Threads,  FDs 
01/14 01:39:31 Info: [stats] 41462mb Virtual, 6154mb Physical, 4436mb Managed, 46 Threads,  FDs 
01/14 01:39:46 Info: [stats] 41795mb Virtual, 6487mb Physical, 4786mb Managed, 46 Threads,  FDs 
01/14 01:40:01 Trace: [library] loading history for 1 profiles


Typical Server startup, Log has been uploaded.


01/20 19:03:22 Info: Flushing kart data to server
01/20 19:06:05 Trace: [library] loading history for 1 profiles

cost 3 minutes Request 1760 times Request 1180 times

01/20 19:07:41
01/20 19:44:05
cost 37 minutes

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