MacOS Roon with NUC?

I moved my collection to a headless NUC and now I need to organize and tweak the tracks’ data. Roon on a desktop or laptop computer is more efficient than the tablet or phone apps for tasks like these, but when I try opening Roon on my iMac or MacBook now, it seems to want to create or log onto a Core on the computer I’m using and not the NUC. Is there a user-friendly way to edit the ROCK’s data from a separate computer?

Are you saying your computer is not seeing the nuc with ROCK as a Core option to log into?

It should at least give you a choice of Core?

What do you see under settings: general?

Just log in via settings from your iMac or Macbook. As long as the Core and Remote are on the same network you can the IP address of the ROCK to connect to the Core. I’ve set my Core to a static IP and yours will be different from mine depending on your network settings.

I got it working; thanks everybody. Not very intuitive; had to keep clicking “go back” to before the username/password screen!